Fshizz Strikes Back @ 66 Gallery (Mar 10) / Interview With Fshizz About Fshizzy

Alexander Gürlich aka Fshizz drops word of his upcoming solo show in Prague, which also happens to be the first "real" vinyl toys exhibition in the Czech Republic! How cool is that? "Fshizz Strikes Back" happens March 10th thru April 10th @ 66 Gallery and will feature custom toys and Fshizzy; a figure-form created by Alex himself. CLICK THRU for a peep at a selection of Alex's work, as well as a little bit more info about who/what Fshizzy really is...


[5 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]


TOYSREVIL: Is the figure based on any existing toy-form? And why this form?

FSHIZZ: The sculpt is my own, and it's not based on anything, I just wanted to make a figure that has very much facial space to paint on, so you have the opportunity of many variations. It is about 13 centimeters high and has the same width.

TOYSREVIL: What material is the figure made of? And why is it called "Fshizzy"?

FSHIZZ: My first material was polyurethane, but this one started to damage my mould so now I'm using plaster until I get some good resin ... But actually I was thinking of the background and as I made a few paintings with Fshizzy (thats the name of him, because people call me Fshizz). :)

TOYSREVIL: Cool! Who or what is Fshizzy?

FSHIZZ: He is a superhero, whom you dont know where he is from, or if he is a robot based lifeform or something else. You even dont know if he's good or bad, because he often helps people , but he is like hulk. He often damages things and has his own decisions who to help and how to help. So people don't like him that much apart from those who he helped. As well he is able to fly and has laser-eyes, and he (appears) in various time periods. :))

TOYSREVIL: You had me at "laser-eyes" hahaha ~ congrats on the form, Fshizz! Hoping to see more of your works in the future, and good luck for your solo show! Looking forward to it!

[Check out more of Alex's work on his flickr and purchase some of his work online via BFly.com