Event: Kaiju Comrades 2 @ Design Festa Gallery, Japan (March 12-14)

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CLICK THRU for more snaps and words from Luke Rook (owner of Lulubell Toy Bodega) about Mark Nagata's KAIJU COMRADES 2 [www] scheduled for a March 12th launch @ Design Festa Gallery (East Room, #303, Tokyo, Japan). Also featured are toy on exhibit, and images of toy-exclusives for the show (via One-Up)!


Seriously, you do not need to be a hardcore-kaiju uber-afficionado (*raises-hands*) to be able to appreciate the coolness and insanity of the culture, IMHO. Kaiju Comrades 2 features "Global Artists and their interpretations of Kaiju" ~ and exhibits thru March 14th.

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LUKE: "There is no question, Mark Nagata is the Johny Appleseed of toys and his good will is far reaching. This year Kaiju Comrades 2 is held at Harajuku's Design Fest building. The building is insane and the show is a perfect fit. Mark does what he does best, brings toys. It's is no BS approach that, I think , makes toy makers and artist alike what to do something really pure. Clean, gory, cute and shiny, this show has a little bit of everything. Good one Mark."

Cheers to Luke for the location snaps! Great for folks like us unable to be present on site (and always nigh-appreciated!).

Peep below selection of toys in slideshow, both to be on exhibit, and as "show exclusives" for th event (All images via One-Up).

[15 x images of toy-exclusives in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

[16 x images of toys on show in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

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