Toy-Release: Gatotkaca by ProxyFigures


From Indonesia-based figurine studio ProxyFigures, comes a new series of resin figurines, starting with GATOTKACA! Gatotkaca will be the first of their "Mythical Bean" series to be release as a limited edition resin figurines with only 100pcs available worldwide (All figurines will be numbered). Preorders apparently started March 1st with the 4.5 inch tall figure retailing for IDR 350.000 (approx US$38+) and you can currently preorder Gatotkaca by replying to this blogpost (and await a reply, do remember to leave your email-contact tho). Delivery date is undetermined though.

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STORY: Gatotkaca was Son of a Demigod and a Giantess, he was endowed with flying ability and superhuman strength. Terrible in battles and unforgiving to his enemies, he remained true to his family and country. Gatotkaca is regarded as the ultimate symbol of dutifulness and devotion. Despite knowing that he was destined to be killed in the great battle of Bharatayudha, he marched on nevertheless. It was his noble sacrifice that allowed good to prevail over evil.

ProxyFigures is Yuwono Sigit and Surya Sunburn.

[17 x images of Gatotkaca in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

I personally lurve it that traditional folklore was incorporated or had inspired the character creation (my assumption), as it brings with it an inherent history and depth, IMHO. Liking especially the "wings" on the shoulder-harness, resembling traditional costume-crafts. Seen below is an additional two masked figures named Arjuna and Srikandi, who seem to follow the concept-aesthetics. Looking forward to knowing about them soon too.

[Above: Figures on display at the recent Festival Komik & Kartun, Citywalk 2010 / Below: Arjuna and Srikandi ]


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