Custom-Feature: J6XM Custom Bic Buddy by JESTER

CLICK THRU for more snaps (including juicy work-in-progress shots!) of JESTER's Bic Buddy custom on display at the Bic Buddy Custom Show at Crewest Gallery [event-blogged / customs-tagged], which launched March 27th, as well as a quick Q&A into the conception of the custom.

TOYSREVIL: What is the story behind your creation?

JESTER: Name: J6XM. All my toys are worker robots or machines built to make man lazy. I love to look at machines and how nature tries to consume them with rust and weathering. I try to emulate that on the toys and customs that I make.

TOYSREVIL: That is so true that laziness engulfs us mortals time and again LOL ~ How was the custom conceptualized? What inspired it's creation?

JESTER: I was looking at the toy and turned it's head around. I really liked how it looked like a space helmet. I had an idea for the tubes and a breathing device so went to the garage and scrounged for parts.

TOYSREVIL: Looking super-swell from where I'm at, J! Are you happy with the final result?

JESTER: Yeah, I am real happy with the paint job. My friend Mac is a local pinstriper and he helped me out with the paint choices. I've never worked with car paints so I learned a lot.

I wish I would have done more graphics on it but I was really trying to achieve a good rust look with an airbrush so I didn't spend too much time on the graphics.


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