Custom-Showcase: Jibibuts by SmallandRound for We Heart Wood

CLICK THRU for a closer look at this gorgeous selection of custom-painted Jibibuts by Jeremiah Ketner aka Small and Round ~ completed for the upcoming WE HEART WOOD show ~ featuring a family of forms, inclusive a converted Kokeshi (Peep WIPs here!). Jeremiah-blogged: "I enjoyed making these. Working with wood is so much better than vinyl. Its so much easier to sand, cut and chew on. Plus wood makes the colors pop a bit more, in my opinion."

WHAT-IS: We Heart Wood is a group custom-show featuring Noferin's Jibibuts wooden-figures as platforms of choice. We Heart Wood opens April 8th and exhibits thru May 6th @ Munky King [event / customs-tagged]

[7 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

(*Note: Some images in slideshow above have been cropped and reformatted, and does not represent the original image-format from artist.)


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