More Custom-Previews for Sketchbot Custom Show @ myplasticheart NYC (March 26)

The Sketchbot Custom Show opens March 27th @ myplasticheart NYC [event-blogged / customs-tagged] featuring a host of artists working on a vinyl Sketchbot blank designed by Steve Talkowski.

And while no doubt full previews have hit the www at this time (which unfortunately I am not privy to), do CLICK THRU for a small selection of sneaks, previews and teasers for your viewing pleasure, that I had managed to have collected from around the www ~ featuring works from J6Studios, Andrew Bell, Motorbot, GodsAndMonsters, Dave Gittleman, Steve Talkowski, Matt Doughty, SUCKLORD, Sket-One, Jason Limon, Reactor88 and Dacosta!

The Sketchbot Custom Show exhibits thru April 23rd 2010.


Above: Matt Doughty of Onell Design converts the Sketchbot-form unto a personal transport-craft dubbed "Rebel Wrecker", inclusive Glyos pilot [More images via Onell-blog] ... while the Sucklord shows us how he "really feels about custom shows" ~ complete with custom golden Glyos-figure riding shotgun in a pink land-walker, complete with eerrmm.... missile-firing barrel-protrusion! Gotta lurve the Sucklord!


Above: Dave Gittleman vibes nostalgia with the tri-legged PHOTOBOT (say; "Cheeeeeeze" everyone!) ~ while Steve Talkowski shares a little homage to a manga-robot hero with us ...


Kevin Olson aka Motorbot delves into decadent decay with the sneak above of a mossy-present from a dusky-past, while Drew Hoffman aka GodsAndMonsters shows us a Sketchbot mired thru times past ... a story once told of a glorious past forgotten and laid to waste? *Gawds but I do heart a sweet diorama*


Above: A robot with a mission from J6Studios, complete with backpack (below-left) ... right next to Andrew Bell's mysterious mecha (Below-right)

Sketchbot-customs from (above-left) Sket-One and (above-right) Jason Limon


Above: A sneak of a Totembot from Reactor88 / Below: Licking your lips and feeling the yumz of Dacosta's delectably choco-dipped Sketchbot!


[5 x images in slideshow above / Recommended to CLICK for full-screen viewing]

The above are montaged "Sneak-Grids" of customs created by Steve Talkowski (for which he had blogged about here and here). "Robots" will always have a special place in my toy-heart, and with the exceptional teasers and sneaks I've had the opportunity to see online so far, this no doubt would be quite a rocking show indeed! Maaan, I wish I was there to see them up close and personal!


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