Toy-Release: General Skullo and The Kyoufuoctopus by Plaseebo x Cannibalkaiju (March 12-release)

PRESS: Plaseebo is pleased to announce the release of a collaboration with Cannibalkaiju, "General Skullo and The Kyoufuoctopus"! This mash-up of "Skulloctopus" and "General Kyoufu" figures is an Ultra Limited edition of just 5 sets. The sets will be available from the Plaseebo web store on Friday March 12th for US$195 per set.

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PRODUCT-DESCRIPTION: The 5 1/2 inch tall "General Skullo" with swirled glass eye inserts and a switched color changing LED unit mounted on the skull is hand painted by Bob Conge of Plaseebo and the 3 1/2 inch tall "Kyoufuoctopus" with 2 internal motion activated color changing LED units is painted by Michael Pro of Cannibalkaiju. [CLICK THRU for more, including back-story].

PRODUCT-DESCRIPTION-CONTINUES: Bob has painted each of his 5 figures in a slightly different color scheme with various brain and arm inserts that can be seen through the clear part of the skull and arm. Both figures are made from clear vinyl produced in Japan.

BACK-STORY: "TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE" or so the story goes. They met in 1956 at Paradise Ranch aka Area 51 millitary testing facility in southern Nevada. The Skulloctopus was a survivor of a flying saucer crash thought to have come from the planet Mars and General Kyoufu, a bio-cyborg soldier the government was experimenting on to create the ultimate killing machine.

It was a match made in Hell and to make the most of it they exchanged heads as a symbol of their alliance before escaping into the moonlit desert.