Toy-Release: AKIRA's Tetsuo in 1/6 by Medicom Toy x Project BM!

First came the nigh-anticipated and welcomed announcement of a production 1/6th-scaled "Kaneda" (and his bike ~ tis mostly about the bike, innit? / blogged) from the revered anime-classic; AKIRA ... Now, Kaneda will have a "familiar friend" to display alongside with: "TETSUO"!

Scheduled for an October 2010-release, the 1/6th-scaled Tetsuo Shima comes courtesy of Medicom Toys x Project BM! and has a SRP of 18,690Yen (via / US$203). Tetsuo comes with duo interchangeable heads (with different facial expressions), and the RAH301-body form featuring a cyborg-right-arm (well, technically tis an arm made with loose mecha-orga and metal-bits, kept in place by Tetsuo's newly developed and heightened mental-powers...). CLICK THRU for a closer-peep at TetsuooOOOoooo!

[4 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

TRE-TOY-WISH: Now all he needs to "complete" his (proposed) diorama is (1) an enlarged mutated limb in place of cyborg-arm, (2) a stone throne for the power-hungry brat to sit on, and (3) a row of glass jars containing the deceased-Akira's internal organs. Glorious! LOL ... aaahhhh don't mind my imagination, folks!


  1. This looks awesome... I agree with all of your wishes BTW.


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