Event: Chomping At The Bit by Jared Cain @ Ultra Pop! (April 9)


Come April 9th, Ultra Pop! in Louisville Kentucky will see the first custom show of it's kind with "Chomping at the Bit" by Jared Cain (aka Nikejerk) ~ a solo show featuring Super Mario-themed custom toys and more (over 40 custom pieces), including Jared's new Dunny blind box series. I'm personally enjoying Jared's scribble-accents, as it alludes to a sense of motion of the custom-characters :)

[CLICK THRU for a preview-peek and more info about the show]


TOYSREVIL: Where can folks purchase your work from the show? And do you do commissions?

NIKEJERK: All work will be available during Opening Night, and any remaining work will be made available online the following day. To get on the mailing list for the Look Book and ordering info please email me at jared.cain [at] gmail.com. All online orders will be handled through Jared himsefl and not Ultra-Pop!.

My commissions list will be opening in May. If you're interested in talking about a commission please feel free to contact me: again - jared.cain@gmail.com (Prices will range from $20.00 to $700.00).


TOYSREVIL: What else can folks expect from the show?

NIKEJERK: All work will be shown aside from a few mystery pieces in the Dunny blind box series. All work will remain on display until May 2 at which time anything sold will be shipped by me personally. I typically make custom packaging for my customs so most of the work will come in custom boxes as well. Past boxes I have made can also be seen on my Flickr.


NIKEJERK: I interpreted, sculpted and painted every single piece in the show myself. Ultra Pop is the 1 and only boutique in Louisville for Eastern and Western vinyl, books, clothes and other unique gifts. This is our first show together.


TOYSREVIL: Any particular reason for this show's theme?

NIKEJERK: I'm finding more and more that I'm inspired by themes that have stuck with me since my childhood. I feel like I can connect to people through common experience and in this case, a video game that almost every person alive is familiar with.



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