Get Inside The Head of Iron Man with *I Am Iron Man 2* (Augmented Reality App)

"Red & gold or titanium silver? It's a tough choice but why not try both
the Iron Man & War Machine helmets on and see which suits you best?"

PRESS: (Today) Marvel & Paramount release this augmented reality app @ that not only lets you see what you'd look like in the latest iteration of the Iron Man/ War Machine hardware but it also brings to life the internal HUD (Heads Up Display) through gesture recognition.

You will need a webcam to fully activate the "I Am Iron Man 2"-app ~ the video posted above explains how it works and what it looks like. What you can do then is to video capture yourself inside one of Tony's toys and post/share it through Facebook, Twitter or embed it on your own site. Choose between being viewed with a mask on, or via POV from within the mask. [MORE]


Perpetrated by the fine folks at UK-based Rubber Republic and PPC Interactive, this Iron Man 2 movie viral campaign leading up to the May 7th launch of "Stark Expo 2010" [] in tandem with the movie premiere, where no doubt Tony Stark's sharing his resources and knowledge with the world may well lead him to ruin, or have his tech perverted and subverted to insidiousness, no?

The Repulsor-ray tech in the CordCo video, and the obvious "targeting-array interface" seen in the Stark-HUD just compounds that, innit? The Fujikawa video is an inspired touch, at the very least to embrace the Asiatic demographic, and at the very least even me as a Chinese man CAN be connected (in some way) beyond my fanboy enthusiasm for IRON MAN, yeh? *Kudos*

But of course I'm thinking too much into this, might as well enjoy the ride til the inevitable screening in the darkened theatre come May, innit? Can't wait to see what happens next!


This ties in pretty well with the previously released Stark-Fujikawa / STARK-HUD viral video, methinks ~ when at the very end of the video which prompts the viewers to BE "Tony Stark" LOL

I admit I do enjoy this current "Augmented Reality" app / viral, compared to previous ones we've experienced, moreso because it is more light-hearted and accessible, than say an intense immersion required to be "part of the game", IMHO.

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