Online Preview: Primeval Love by Amanda Visell @ Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (April 9)

Friday April 9th will see a one-night only solo exhibition of Amanda Visell's latest work ~ collectively known as PRIMEVAL LOVE ~ at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles [www], which when you peruse thru the online preview here, would recognize why the exhibition-locale is so apt, IMHO.
(Or you could just CLICK THRU to see some select swiped-images posted on this here blog).

What had also caught my attention was there will be a paperback book of the show (Limited print run of 400 / 6 x 8.25 / Cover shown above-left), which as Amanda mentioned in her emailer (paraphrased), is essentially a 44-page catalog of the artwork of the show, the process and my ideas of what the show means to her. Priced at US$15 per and currently available online via

[Reasons-Why-I-Love-These #1+2: Nature's Cosplay and Conquests]

[Reasons-Why-I-Love-These #3+4: The manifestation of an idea into visual 2D + 3D]

[Reasons-Why-I-Love-This #5: A collaboration with Michelle Valigura
which one day I will somehow own and have in my humble home]

WHAT: "Primeval Love" ~ Artwork by Amanda Visell ~ "a one night exhibition"
WHEN: Friday, April 9 at 7:00pm to 11:00pm
WHERE: Natural History Museum of Los Angeles (900 Exposition Blvd. LA, CA 90007)
Read an interview With Amanda Visell about Primeval Love on Vinyl Pulse.