Event: WALTER: A Singapore Art Exhibition Of The Big Bunny Kind by Dawn Ng @ Loof (April 29)

Flipping thru the newspapers today (yes, I do still read the papers every morning :p), I was delighted by the sight of a wonderously humongous white rabbit that has been spotted throughout Singapore ~ from aged shophouses to the HDB heartlands. This rabbit is named WALTER and he is a 6m long x 4m tall inflatable bunny creation of artist Dawn Ng. "By inserting Walter into places, I wanted to build up scenarios that would create a child-like surprise and wonder of what is so special about a place and get people to re-evalutate what they see." ~ says Dawn**

WALTER will be adorning the pop-up gallery walls of loof as photo prints, this coming April 29th (exhibiting thru May 9th). CLICK THRU for the event description (as well as more glorious snaps of WALTER) or go direct to the Facebook event-page here. In an island state of Singapore where most things are compressed within an intangible limit (be it consciously or subconsciously), something that delights is rare indeed, and this to me is charmingly lovely (as all giant bunny rabbits are ;p)

WHAT: WALTER: A Singapore Art Exhibition Of The Big Bunny Kind
WHEN: April 29 (5pm) exhibiting thru May 9, 2010.
WHERE: Loof (www / 331 North Bridge Road, Singapore)

EVENT-PRESS: Ginormous is a word we fell in love with and so began our collaboration of epic proportions with artist, Dawn Ng, to create a ginormous rabbit WALTER.

WALTER is Dawn's pet project involving guerilla installations of a curious colossal bunny who pops up across Singapore’s standard landscape of flats and heartland enclaves. By using Walter to create and photograph scenarios packed with surprise and wonder, Dawn draws attention to commonly overlooked and over familiar spaces across our landscape, while dodging cops and people with no sense of humor. WALTER is a celebration of our ordinary by helping us look at this city as children again. In the name of good art and fun, we are transforming loof into a pop-up gallery for Walter and his photo-exhibition.

Be at the big bunny's blowout party on April 29th, Thursday, 630pm.
Exhibition will be up until 9th May, pop up for a look if you're in the neighbourhood!

[Above event description / text via]

[** Quoted text credited to Life!.arts article by Cherly Wee for Straits Times / Dated Thursday, April 15, 2010 / Page C5]


  1. I love Walter; he is so sad, in a incongruously cute way.

  2. walter... reminds me of miffy... bunnies


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