Custom-Feature: Sketchbot by JESTER (+ Q&A)

JESTER [] likes to make robots, specifically "robots or machines built to make man lazy" ~ one such robot was his custom-Sketchbot: "J6-304" done for the Sketchbot Custom Show (customs-tagged / which has since ended it's display run at myplasticheart NYC). CLICK THRU for a quick Q&A I had with JESTER priors, along with some behind-the-scene production-snaps.

Note that J6-304 has since been sold. (Congrats, J!)

TOYSREVIL: What is the story behind your creation?

JESTER: All my toys are working robots or machines built to make man lazy. I love to look at machines and how nature tries to consume them with rust and weathering. I try to emulate that on the toys and customs that I make.

TOYSREVIL: How was the custom conceptualized? What inspired it's creation?

JESTER: I had a million ideas running around in my head. Then I saw a TV show and someone looked through a peep hole in a door. It occurred to me that it would make a cool looking eye for the Sketchbot. That sparked the rest of the design.

TOYSREVIL: Are you happy with the final result?

JESTER: Like always, I wish I had more time. I do art as a hobby and have a regular 9-5 job. I also have 2 kids so finding the time for these is always a challenge.
I think with the time I had, I'm happy with the results.

TOYSREVIL: In closing, please do share a few words about Who JESTER IS?

JESTER: I just have a love for creating things. I hate to repeat myself to many times so I jump around to a lot of different hobbies. Luckily my brain is always working overtime so I never get bored!