Custom-Release: Silent Armada Blind Box Artists Series (May 9-preorder)

Since the previous post on the Silent Armada Blind Box Artists Series, the full design line-up has been revealed! (Yes, I recognize that they might have already been revealed to the public during their expo at MondoPOP Gallery and ESC Atelier Occupato in April :p) ~ CLICK THRU for a slideshow-peek at what is included in this 50-figure series, which showcases a host of artists from the Vinyl Monster Italian-forum, working on the Silent Armada resin figure created by KNGL.

Preorders for the blind box series will begin May 9th online via Vinyl Monster, with each priced at 30 Euros per (+shipping). Shown above-right are the secret variants from YUME and El Bombastio!

[60 x images in slideshow above / CLICK for full-screen viewing]

The series features a total of 50 blind boxed figures, with designs from: The Warko, Kngl, Moz, El bombastico, Astral, Feel, Ivy, Wings Art, KillerToy, Yume, Timself, Wizo. The series features skin-designs from the Italian designers and artists toy-community from the Vinyl Monster forum (with the exception of Timself, a special guest artist from Germany). Do take note that there will be also a "golden ticket" to get the exclusive Wooden Silent Armada Soldier casted by Arana, shown below: