Event: Il Codice d'Errico by Camilla d'Errico @ Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome (June 5-30)


"Il Codice d'Errico" is Camilla d'Errico's latest solo show (her second in nearly 2 years, and her first European solo), scheduled to open June 5th @ Mondo Bizzarro Gallery, Rome, and exhibits thru June 30th, 2010. A total of 12 paintings will be showcased (4 of which is previewed in this blog-post).

Camilla-adds: "These 12 paintings are unlike anything I’ve ever created before. The show is an expression of two passions: my Italian heritage and my Helmetgirls. I studied the greatest master of Italian art, Leonardo Da Vinci, and while his machines inspire many paintings, in others I was able to create inventions of my own, thanks to what I learned from him."

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CAMILLA-SAYS: "However the show is not just about fancy cogs and flying machines, it’s an expression of my own interests, love, fantasy, emotions and decisions. Many of these paintings are based on personal triumphs and setbacks. Though subtle, I wanted to use visual themes to reveal secrets and hold up mirrors to others and myself.

I wanted to step out of my comfort zone and present myself in black and white, shedding the richness of a color palette and replacing it with a stark and naked face of line work and detail.

Every girl, every Helmet, and every element has meaning on its own, and within the context of the painting itself. Like Da Vinci, I'm proud to present my own "code", my "Codice d'Errico" and I couldn't be happier that it is all unveiled in Italy!"

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///GALLERY-PRESS: Italo-Canadian by birth, and Japanese culture enthusiast by vocation, Camilla d'Errico is one of the most talented artists representing Pop Surrealism today. Since her first exhibitions in galleries across Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver and New York, her work has been greatly appreciated by the public and collectors alike.

Nurtured by a passion for comics and anime, her poetical approach is executed in a romantic and futuristic representation of reality. True to the typical characterization of Japanese pop art, her raw and disorientated characters are set in a natural environment that tenderly holds them.

Amazing bio-mechanic constructions rest atop the heads of her young heroines whose hair, at times, resembles electric cables and a surprising variety of fauna naturally counterbalances the cogs and mechanical contraptions. Butterflies, snakes, birds and fawns materialize in her canvases as though they were icons of deep and intimate feelings, otherwise hidden from the surprised and mysterious eyes of the protagonists.

Magical, surreal, and a dreamer, and only apparently naïve, the artist takes the visitor's sight hostage, imprisoning it during the time of contemplation in a marvelous fairytale world.

For the solo show at Mondo Bizzarro, the artist will present a new series of "HelmetGirls"; characters she has long been fond of and has been portraying since her first days of painting. Beautiful, romantic and mysterious heroines wear gargantuan, pseudo-steampunk and biomechanical headgear, which itself is imbued with meaning, thanks to the artist’s wild imagination.

The twelve pieces for this show, created in the artist’s trademark style of fine black lines with acrylics and oil, are meticulously enriched with the most bizarre details, tricking the mind into thinking they were drawn. The depth and apparent continuity of each line is dizzying, as the eyes and imagination are taken on a fantastic journey as they follow the endless line of components, each meaningful and rich with symbolism.

There is no doubt that Camilla d’Errico’s paintings open new worlds into our cultural universe. For this exhibition her renowned HelmetGirls allude to the mechanical projects of Leonardo Da Vinci, which inspired the artist to aptly title the show, "Il Codice d'Errico". ///-END

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please contact: Mondo Bizzarro, Luisa Montalto, +39-06-44247451,
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