Q&A+Custom-Showcase: BIRDMAN 40º by Chauskoskis (for Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show @ TAG)


To say that I've been eyeing Walter Jacott's aka Chauskoskis' work for a while now, I am not being cheeky. His sculpted imagery both converts the original form into a wholly different character, and at the same time retain the essence of said original-form. Quite distinct, this. Shown above is Walter's custom-Celsius dubbed "BIRDMAN 40º" ~ completed for the Ganmetall Celsius Custom Show @ Toy Art Gallery, opening July 10th [Search Custom Features].

CLICK THRU for mondo more glorious images, including a generous-peek behind-the-scenes, as well as a Q&A with Walter himself, for the conception and creation of BIRDMAN 40º!

TOYSREVIL: Why did you choose Birdman as inspiration for your custom? And what's the story with this custom?

CHAUSKOSKIS: Usually i do sketches before working on the piece to see what ideas pop out, usually a couple ideas come and i pick one, some other times i wait to have the piece on hand so the ideas flow in a different way... or even if i had a good idea on paper i change it completely while i work... as you know i normally make ugly, weird, bizarre, crazy, strange, characters, but from time to time i like to do something classic in my own style, when i receive the Celsius my sketches were discarded, was weird, cos when i see it in person Birdman come to my head, not that i plan to do it, cos i really like my other original ideas, but the most i think about it the more i feel like it going to be fun to make... so after make my mind i did a quick drawing to see what style came out, and then i know it was the right choice.


CHAUSKOSKIS: "At his secret head quarters hidden on the top of a volcano, Birdman and Avenger receive a warning form his friend and contact, secret agent Falcon 7, something strange is happening on the Himalayan alps, strange avalanches are taking place there, so he's asked to go flying over there and check out if it is another creepy plan of Dr Evilious to conquer the earth...
Sadly, Birdman is not on condition to leave the headquarters, he had a 40º fever all night long... Now BirdMamma's taking care of him with cocoa and some chicken soup, and cozy bed. As you see, the Himalaya is not the best place to be for our hero."

[23 x images in slideshow above of Work-In-Progress / CLICK to view in full-screen]

TOYSREVIL: Did it turn out the way you had planned it to? Are you happy with it? What is your custom-process? Draw first and work on it? Or Sculpt straight away?

CHAUSKOSKIS: Kinda answer part of this on the previous question, but yeah it turn the way i plan it, some little paint flaws here and there but nothing to worry so much about, usually i stick to my original concept and change or add some new details as i work, cos my sketches use to be kinda rough , i usually change things even finished, that's when i feel like it could work better in other shape other style, other color, etc... in this case i change the Celsius wings after work on the originals, cos i felt the character really needs a different shape on this, also i did a first hawk (Avenger) it does really looks cool but it felt like not much my style so i make another one... so i basically i let the piece lead the way.


[18 x images in slideshow above of Final Custom / CLICK to view in full-screen]

TOYSREVIL: Do share with us Who Is Chaukoskis / Walter Jacott? And what can folks look forward to from you in the near future?

CHAUSKOSKIS: Bro, I'm just a regular guy with crafty hands, i a weird brain, trying to make my way on the toy, character design, art world, not easy task, but hope i can make it right, Now working for years as graphic designer, Sculptor from time to time, but wish i can live from my own art in the short time. wish i can tell abut what expect from me, but let say just this: expect the unexpected cos not even my self know where my stuff will look in the near future, i just guarantee you more ugly and weird characters. had lots of projects going on, some very Dope collabos on the way, some toy projects, and of course don't forget about Karuzo, every time closer...

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