Customs-Feature: Comic Stripped Series by VISEone


CLICK THRU to have a closer look at VISEone's custom series aptly named COMIC STRIPPED SERIES, featuring custom Dunnys and Munnys infused with the elements of superheroes of the four-color realm (First one posted here). "The concept behind all customs is to combine my love of comic art and toys. So this 3" Dunny represents the major ink BLACK which is an important color in comic art." ~ says VISEone, specifically about the custom shown above.

[5 x images in slideshow above of STRIPPED #4 / Full Screen]

TOYSREVIL: What was your favourite comics? And how does it in any way contribute to this particular custom, besides the black ink (if any)?

VISEONE: Well I always loved SPIDER MAN and I'm currently working on a VENOM version in this COMIC STRIPPED style. This 3" DUNNY is just a regular custom for the series with no particular backround of a special comic.

Also I love all FANTASTIC FOUR comics - that's why I made the other MUNNY with the THING-theme (shown below). On my upcoming list for this series are many other comic themes I love:

- THE SIMPSONS (Smorkin Labbit custom)
of course
- and all the DC & MARVEL Heroes...

Other customs include:
MUNNY custom - theme: 20000 LEAGUES UNDER THE SEA (Marvel Classics)
MUNNY custom - theme: SPAWN (commission work)

TOYSREVIL: Are these for sale anywhere or are they commissions?

VISEONE: I do take comissions - besides I'm working on all customs to maybe have a solo show by the end of the year. Some of the customs are available through

[7 x images in slideshow above of STRIPPED #3 / Full Screen]

Custom shown above is titled "Finest Comic Stripped Ink...since 2010" #1/ ~ while the Munny below is made with mixed media consisting of 7" MUNNY, MARVEL COMIC, Collage Technique, Milliput, Acrylic Paint. (with Arm taken of THUMP)

VISEONE: "I used a FANTASTIC FOUR Comic - one of my favorite Marvel Heroes - and took THE THING as the main theme for the custom. Custom comes with acrylic stand and is still for sale."

[6 x images in slideshow above of STRIPPED #2 / Full Screen]


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