Paprika's Inception: The Similarities Between Inception and Paprika - Does It Matter?

Amateur filmmaker Jake-"Boldsoliloquy" preposes a similarity between Christopher Nolan's INCEPTION (currently showing in cinemas and a critic's rave), and 2006's PAPRIKA anime directed by Satoshi Kon [wiki]. And while I have yet to watch Inception (soon darnnit, as soon as I can pry myself away from my blog) and thus am unable to weigh-in responsibly on the notion, I dare say I had thoroughly enjoyed Paprika (having seen in on DVD the first time barely a year ago or so) and would highly recommend a watch if you have not. CLICK THRU for yet another Paprika/Inception comparison-video (along with OG-trailers for both movies).

Source: FistOfFun.

[Video by "zannabbyx123"

INCEPTION (Trailer 3):

TRE-SAYS: Far be it the notion of an "original idea" still exists in this day and age, what I'd rather have believe, is that good ideas exists still in humanity, regardless where, when and who they are / have been. But then again, I've had my fair share of anguish over being ripped too many a times to count ... and perhaps that be "our" problem? Ironically (in my warped mindscape), this notion of parallels are about movies both dealing with matters of the "mind".




Unknown said…
I LOVE PAPRIKA! It is an extraordinary example of creativity in its purest form. Highly recommended!

J-R00 :D
Manga Therapy said…
It shouldn't matter. But, certain fans just love to point these things out no matter what.

I actually did a look at why certain fans believe that Hollywood steals ideas from anime. You can take a look at:
Em said…
The elevator scenes work as a nice tool in both movies. I see the similarities but paprika was so damn cute while inception was intense!