Rotbeest's Fetal Chimera Specimens by Miss Monster

I lurve "surprises" in boxes (even celluloid-ones ala Se7en's "Whats-in-da-Booxx" and my precious Coraline box #23) and what I peeped within Miss Monster's ornate box, both blew my mind and delighted it at the same time! And to "protect" the delicate senses of blog-readers with queazy stomachs (I still heart you all!), you would have to CLICK THRU to see what it is all about...

Miss Monster's "Rotbeest's Fetal Chimera Specimen" is currently available via her online shop for between US$65-$70 (depending on size of box).

Transcript from Ms. Ada Rotbeest's records:

"I found a captive specimen of the Chimera in Greece. As described in classic representations, it consisted of a lion's body with a living goat's head growing from the middle of the animal's back. The tail ended in the head of a serpent who sinuously lashed about when the creature became excited. The strangest story concerning this Chimera was it had been raised from a kit and was docile. When patted and scratched by human hands, the lion head would rumble forth a low purr and the goat head would quietly bleat it's pleasure."

"Oddly though, the snake tail having a nasty temper had to be given a respectful berth while interacting with the beast. This Chimera was mated to another and became pregnant last spring. Unfortunately, the kits didn't make it through their full term and had died in the womb. I preserved the kit bodies since a sample like this doesn't present itself often. I'm happy to report the female managed to birth a litter of very healthy kits the next year, all as tame as their mother, the snake tails all as mean as sin..."

This is one of the preserved kits taken by Ada. It is housed in a fine wooden display box, on a bed of straw. The box itself has been marked with the same wax seal that Ada herself used for her own records. It also comes with a record card."

[The fetus measures 4.5" and the box itself is 5.5" long x a little over 3" deep]

(This is for entertainment purposes only, this art does not contain any actual animal bits)

All text dscription and images via Miss Monster's BigCartel product-posting


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