Who Is Fshizzy? Contest Winners Announced!


And so the "WHO IS FSHIZZY?" Contest on TOYSREVIL had ended [WHAT] ~ and Fshizzy-creator Alexander Gürlich poured through the submissions and have officially chosen two winners!

Congratulations "Johnny" for writing Alex's favourite story of Fshizzy! (Email on the way!)
Congratulations "STINK" for being the second random-chosen winner! (But why oh why did you NOT follow instructions and leave your email address behind?)

Thanks for everyone who took the trouble and effort to participate! Meanwhile, CLICK THRU to read what Johnny had written :)


Fshizzy Fshizzy Fshizzy...where do we begin? Fshizzy used to be the right hand man of the mob head Aldalberto Moretti, until he was betrayed by his peers through a shady set up that made it look like Fshizzy was stealing amble stacks of money from Moretti. Fshizzy was then kidnapped and brutally tortured to the point where he couldn't see caused by all the hits to the head. He was pitched into the dark caverns of the city's underground left to die.

On what it seemed like to be his last breathe, Fshizzy felt an overwhelming presence engulf his body; a flaming green vortex consumed him and he tried to scream. To his surprise this vortex, thought to be an antagonistic force, felt soothing. Soothing as it healed his wounds and gave back his eye site. As the vortex subsided Fshizzy could still feel this presence inside him.

He reached out his arm to grasp the walls for support and as he touched it a glowing circle came out of his hand. He quickly took back his hand in shock, and the wall melted down. Amazed at what he had just witnessed, he tried it again--touching the wall and melting it. With his new found power he learned how to turn it into plasma beams and shoot them at his targets.

After climbing out of the underground, he prowled the corrupted city at night, trying to find any link that would give him information about his betrayers. Picking goon after goon he started to rid the city from crime. Fshizzy continues to do this till this day, working his way through the tough web of the mob in seek of vengeance for the ones who stole the world he knew.

~The End~