Who Is Fshizzy? Short Story Contest by Fshizz x TOYSREVIL (Dateline July 20)


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"Fshizzy rockets through danger as a superhero, saving the world from themselves... But will he remain a force of good forever? Or will he change his profession? It all lies in where he came from ... What was his origin? What does he want out of life? Why does he have rockets for feet? WHO IS FSHIZZY?"

In no more than 500 words, tell us "Who Is Fshizzy?" and submit your short story via posting in the comments section of this blog-post (and ONLY story submissions) for a chance to win 2 x brand new Fshizzy DIY-figures from Prague-based designer Alexander Gürlich aka Fshizz! The contest starts NOW, with submissions ending July 20th 2010 @ 23:59hrs (+8 GMT Singapore-time). The winners will be chosen by Alex and made known on July 22nd 2010!

CLICK THRU for more contest details, Terms and Conditions, and put on your story-telling cap and share what YOU think Fshizzy's story should be! Also do feel free to CLICK to see Fshizzy bing customized in past coverage. The WHO IS FSHIZZY Contest is a perfect start to a Month of Toy Stories on TOYSREVIL!


- Submitted Short Story should not exceed 500 words (Give or take a couple of sentences, we are not looking for "epic novellas" here, thanks!)
- Keep it clean and clear of any extreme vulgarities.
- Anything else is up to your imagination!

- Language of Short Story to be in English.
- Each submitted / posted story to be accompanied with your working Email Address.
(No address published, submission rendered void.)
- No more than 1 Story Submission per person, per email. Multiple submissions will be rendered void.

TWO DIY FSHIZZY PRIZES Will be given out to:
1 x Best Story (Picked by Alex)
1 x Randomly Picked from Contributing / Participating Stories.

FSHIZZY SIZE: Height x 4.5 inches / Width (with hands) x 6.2 inches / Width (without hands) x 4 inches.


01. No more than 1 Story Submission per person, per email. Multiple submissions will be rendered void.
02. We reserved the right of refusal to any submitted story without any reason given.
03. Judge's decision is final.
04. Prizes will be sent off by Alex from Prague, and I think that's pretty nifty-cool!


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Igor said…
Ok,Let's imagine...
Fshizzy is gift for Modern Gods from Universe.Each God have own Fshizzy.All Fshizzy's got high tech equipment.U may ask why they need it?Because they need to protect us while Gods are sleeping.Every Fshizzy got rocket on his feet(For fast Movement and flights),and own secret weapon or ability.There are some basic types of them:Holy-Good type of Fshizzy,Fallen-Bad type of Fshizzy,Сonquistador-Fshyzzy's,who want to destroy Gods and rule the world by their own.There is many of them,which is hidden right now,but will be seen in the future.That's all :D
STINK said…
Fshizzy is little superhero who is born of an unknown substance in the universe. Arrived on planet Earth with a clear goal, using art to expand their capabilities to change its appearance.Years after having gathered secretly decided to give his body available for young artists, who create their unique new types Fshizzy 2.0.0.Fshizzy version 2.0.0 will perform tasks from their creators as well as good old Fshizzy ...
Smack6102 said…
Poor Fshizzy :( A rocketing super hero with no one to save. He aspires to have more stories and people who love him here so he can start fullfilling his natural born superhero duties which he believes he has. With out people to save from the worlds government forces he will be destin to only be a couch potato. Eating bon bons and watching reruns of "Good Times". So get your stories in and help Fshizzy become who he is supposed to be.
David said…
I want to win a Fshizzy!
Fshizz (that's what his hommies call him) is a gremlin that lives in your fridge. One morning he was licking the inside of a carton of eggs and bumped his head. The bump caused Fshizzy to land up side down in the carton and fall into a coma. Unfortunately, he lived in the fridge of a lazy drunk who never cleans. After 5 years of being in a coma he awoke to find out his head had reshaped to fit in the egg hole. Not remembering who he was he now guards he left over eggs like a parent. Maybe one day he will get his memory back and return to spilling stuff and uncovering lids to let the food rot!
larrygreyczik said…
Little Amanita Muscaria (Agaric Mushroom)... was a sad little guy living on the forest edge, every night he'd wish upon wish to become a full living creature, to run and hide, and cause all sorts of mischief throughout the forest... night in night out his wish would not come through, until one day a Fairy landed on top his head, she noticed he was sad, she told him on the first star you see tonight your wish will come true... but you must use your wish for good, if not it will not come true... so upon hearing this Amanita wished to become the defender of the forest... he figured I'd rather be alive and do good than not and wish to cause mischief... so that night Fshizzy: Defender of the Forest was born...
Johnny said…

Fshizzy Fshizzy Fshizzy...where do we begin? Fshizzy used to be the right hand man of the mob head Aldalberto Moretti, until he was betrayed by his peers through a shady set up that made it look like Fshizzy was stealing amble stacks of money from Moretti. Fshizzy was then kidnapped and brutally tortured to the point where he couldn't see caused by all the hits to the head. He was pitched into the dark caverns of the city's underground left to die. On what it seemed like to be his last breathe, Fshizzy felt an overwhelming presence engulf his body; a flaming green vortex consumed him and he tried to scream. To his surprise this vortex, thought to be an antagonistic force, felt soothing. Soothing as it healed his wounds and gave back his eye site. As the vortex subsided Fshizzy could still feel this presence inside him. He reached out his arm to grasp the walls for support and as he touched it a glowing circle came out of his hand. He quickly took back his hand in shock, and the wall melted down. Amazed at what he had just witnessed, he tried it again--touching the wall and melting it. With his new found power he learned how to turn it into plasma beams and shoot them at his targets. After climbing out of the underground, he prowled the corrupted city at night, trying to find any link that would give him information about his betrayers. Picking goon after goon he started to rid the city from crime. Fshizzy continues to do this till this day, working his way through the tough web of the mob in seek of vengeance for the ones who stole the world he knew.
blbecek said…
I want to win a Fshizzy!
MaComiX said…
I want to win a Fshizzy
sentinelbreeze said…
The year was 2221 and Dr. Ikahara Shizzy a world renowned Japanese scientist from Tokyo University and his partner Dr. Alex Klux, invented a robot that would help humanity and do jobs that are dangerous to most humans. But Dr.Klux's intentions were not as pure as Dr. Shizzy. Dr. Klux stole Dr. Shizzy's design and built an entire army to destroy mankind. When all hope seems to have lost, Dr. Shizzy remembered his first prototype which he called "Project F". After a few alterations, adjustments and upgrades, Fshizzy was born. With rockets on his feet and state of the art design, Fshizzy is ready to face evil and save mankind once and for all.

pimp daddy jeff said…
Long time a go there is a Professor living in a small and far away island call Fazzizle Island. The professor name is Prof Zackary. He have many great ideas and invention and one of them is a rocket shoes that can take him anywhere in the world from his far far away island in a few minutes!
One day he felt in love with the most beautiful girl in his island call Fazzila. Prof Zackary n Fazzila have a nice good relationship and already talking about getting married soon.
But what they don’t know is Fazzila dad is a gambler addict and has many debts and enemies around the world…
One day a gang of tugs come into Fazzila house and demanding her dad to return bezzilion money that he borrowed, but he can give it to them because he don’t have the money. So they want to teach Fazzila dad a lesson. they kidnap her away and tell him that he never see her again!
When Zackary heard the news he rush into Fazzila house using his rocket shoes…ZOOM!!...but alas..it’s too late..they are long gone…
When Zachary ask Fazzila dad who took Fazzila, he doesn’t even know because he got way many debts and enemies.
So Prof Zackary go home and feel very sad…while he is sobbing, he swear that he is going to find Fazzila around the world and kill all the tugs that kidnap her.
He rushes into his lab and makes a human size SUPER ROBOT. The robot is as strong as a diamond, can beam a strong laser from his eyes, equipped with Uzi, Bazookas, AK47, rocket launcher, nuke, u name it he got it! And of course a rocket from his foot that can flew him to anywhere in the world to look for Fazzila and kick many enemy ass.
Prof Zackary names the robot FSHIZZY!
FSHIZZY will alert by the system when there is a crime in the world happening and he will fly into the crime scene and fight the bad guys and looking for Fazzila…while Prof Zackary supervise FSHIZZY action in his home in Fazzizle island

email: jeffry_burhan@yahoo.com
Dave45 said…
Meet Fshizzy.... a once used to be a normal zzy people in a planet called zzy but since got a disease that needs to wear a rocket as a helmet inorder to avoid the virus to be infected. One that he loved was killed because of the virus that was created by evil Ashizzy, a used to be a president of the planet turn on the dark side.
In order to cure his disease, he must join with Ashizzy to turn to dark side, Fshizzy that was known to be great patriot, refuse and forever be with his rocket, watch out evil, Fshizzy is coming to get u!
MarioNetto said…
FSHIZZY is trying to catch a ride with the cops to go out and find the aggressors who took his eyes and feet out...