Cris Rose for Toxic Catalyst @ Super7 (Aug 21)


DISCLAIMER: The above gooey-green overlay is not Cris Rose's fault. It is entirely my own, in an attempt to induce a cohesive design-header for most of my coverage of TOXIC CATALYST show-previews [Search].

But if you want to see (and read about) the pieces Cris Rose is submitting for the MONSTREHERO-curated group resin show opening August 21st @ Super7, then CLICK THRU for a peep at the "Toxic Rampart" pair, and the stratospherically-cool "Goldfishizzy" custom-Fshizzy!

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BACKSTORY OF TOXIC RAMPART: Advances in energy generation over the past hundred years have put a end to the mess created by nuclear waste, but the global cleanup has taken longer than anticipated due to the sheer logistics of decontaminating so many sites. While the majority of these zones are far from inhabited areas, all are cordoned off and protected by their own team of robots including a pack of Ramparts. Over time they all pick up dangerous levels of residual radiation, are designated Toxic and cannot be used anywhere else. Once all the sites are cleaned, these robots will be the last remaining sources of radioactive contamination. Their future is uncertain.

[7 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen Viewing]

BACKSTORY OF GOLDFISHIZZY: Goldfishizzy is programmed to act like an aquatic pet. Whether you're snorkeling for fun, scuba diving on a reef or repairing undersea nano-optic lines, you'll want to take one with you for peace of mine. He'll swim along side you, or further behind if you wish, relaying relevant information to you via your HUD. Be it changes in water currents, approaching weather fronts or just a video feed of yourself from a distance, you can be sure that you'll be kept informed at the time and have the entire event recorded for posterity.

Should an accident occur, Goldfishizzy comes into his own as a fully equipped emergency beacon. At a moments notice, he'll rocket to the surface with enough force to launch himself clean out of the water and up to 100 foot in the air. While airborne, flares are released to alert those who are near by, while personal details, GPS coordinates and video data of the incident are broadcast to a dedicated emergency response coastguard team.

No other service has a 100% survival rate, so purchase your unit today!