Custom 10" Homer Simpson Toy2R Qee by DrilOne

TOY2R-PRESS: D'oh! What happens when art toy customizer DrilOne gets his hands on a 10" Homer Simpson DIY Qee? He knocks it out of the park - that's what! As part of a special invite, DrilOne was asked to customize the newly released 10" Homer DIY Qee and needless to say, we are thrilled at the finished product. Not only did he use the classic Homer color palette but he incorporated his rusty technique to give us a Homer that's industrialized. [CLICK THRU for more]

PRESS-CONTINUED: DrilOne was also one of the original artists to contribute a custom on the 2007 Bart Simpson DIY Qee World Tour. All of the original customized Bart Simpson Qees can be viewed online in the Toy2R USA Simpsons Qee Gallery. With over 175 original pieces, we are now proud to add Homer Simpson and welcome customizers of all levels to submit their Custom Simpson Qees to to be included in the gallery collection.

These 10" Homer DIY Qees are currently available through the Toy2R USA webstore and available for wholesale. For information, contact Apex Trading Company at

Stay tuned for more Homer Simpson 10" customs to be unveiled by popular toy customizers and artists from around the globe!

TOYSREVIL-TRIVIA: The Bart Qee custom by DrilOne was the first time I had contacted Alex for an online interview back in 2007!