MondoPOP Gallery Presents Buff Monster in Italy

PRESS: MondoPOP Gallery is proud to present Buff Monster in Italy! The LA based artist will be the special guest of MondoPOP Gallery new opening party for the 2D Show: Icons and characters from the new currents in contemporary art (with the art of Gary Taxali, Glenn Barr, Jeremy Fish, Shag, Joe Ledbetter, Lisa Petrucci and many many others international stars of Urban Art). An "all in pink" special event with toy signing, free drink&food and music!

During the week, Buff will be also the special guest for the BELVEDERE: Visual and Art Mag International Festival. He will be the protagonist with the Italian artist David Vecchiato of a Pop Surrealsim artists' clash: a live perfomance Buff VS David.

To conclude his italian tour during the Halloween week end, Buff will be one of the most expected artist at the next Lucca Comics and Games Convention, the biggest comic and toys event of the entire old Europe (already visited by Gary Baseman, Joe Ledbetter and more).

CLICK THRU for some select preview imagery for 2D Show: Icons and Characters!

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