Christmas 2010

Truth be told, I'm not much of a "Christmas"-sorta guy. Sure we might celebrate the season (years of frantically thinking "where to bring the-then-girlfriend" has since been alleviated since I've been single for four+ ;p) and bask in the joy and happiness of the festivities - but tis been "just another holiday season" for me personally ... until this year.

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Surviving Stroke at the year end was both a personally and professionally devastating experience, as well a life-changing one. And being able to wrangle my way home on Christmas Eve (after a 2+months hospital stay / read my whole "sob-story" on meant this particular yuletide season was a special happenstance (aka I wasn't supposed to go home at all this year ;p).

And as the end of 2010 draws near, I'd love to share with you season's greetings received in my humble inbox from friends such as Justin Rudy of Dynomight NYC, Marisa aka Ritzy Periwinkle and Rakka, Luc'n'Rob of Triclops Studio, Patricio Oliver with The Tenebrae, and Sando, Nicu and Titi of Eldercut.

Seasons Greetings also came from Chris of The Tarantulas, Steve Talkowski with Sketchbot, Matt Jones aka Lunartik, Pronto Pixel with Plastic Culture, Play Imaginative, and a swell selection from Frank Kozik and DKE Toys. And now that Christmas has been enjoyed, down and dusted, let's have a awesome New Year to come!


Elaine said…
Well I'm glad you're doing a lot better, Andy. Here's to a better year for everyone in 2011 :)