Custom Works on TOYSREVIL (Jan/12/2011)


CLICK THRU for a swell selection of custom works and teasers currently in the wondrous toy-world - from the East to the West, folks are making works of "art" on toy figurines, and we are but platforms to showcase them!

Do feel free to email me with info and images (for posting consideration) at toysreviler [at] Do let me know if you accept commissions, and an accompanying email, thanks!


Within moments of being listed online (so I assume) - 64Colors' custom 8" TUMMY BUZZ DUNNY got snagged, and good! Hand-painted with Acrylics, this 1/1 edition cutey was made available, with proceeds benefitting Vinyl Hearts - and I absolutely lurve them for their generosity! Go check out for other customs and prints from Eric and Laura!


Lord knows I am a huge fan of Jon-Paul Kaiser. Ever since meeting him in Thailand last year (for CLEA 2010) and seeing him at work, my respect grew by bounds with every intense fine brush-stroke he welded, IMHO. Then when I saw this above image, I knew JPK was able to achieve the design he had set out for. In any case, this is a Obi-Wan custom, hand-painted on a 1.5cm tall Munny Zipper-pull from Kidrobot! This, no doubt is the last image to come, no siree!


Local artist known as Caramelaw showcases duo Baby-Qee customs, currently available up for "adoption". Both Creampuff Bunny & Mashie Elephant were last on display at STGCC, and can now be yours for US$140 (a set of two 3" Qees, with matching display case!). And shipping is free worldwide! Do you really need more images of the customs to convince yourself to plonk the dough down? :)

Further purchasing details here, or simply email for inquiries (Tell'em TOYSREVIL sent'ya!)


Artist DrilOne lets rip into DZY Plastics' 3" tall Google ANDROID for a series of customs ready to be released via his online shop. Both the "Purple" and "Military" versions will be going for US$70 each. Availability will be within the next coupla days/nights. Best bet is if you stake out his twitter-stream @drilone.


Local artist Daniel Yu shares with us a 1/6th scale custom piece that was done for a local visual arts exhibition. Entitled "Transposition" - the figure features a fully sculpted head, hands and modified boots and legs, and uses epoxy sculpt and acrylic paints. Check out more works from this talented sculptor at his Flickr. Serious talent here, folks, and I ain't joshing!



From Taiwan comes Trex Wang, with his selection of Tiger-themed customs (no, he was not born in the Year of the Tiger, I actually asked ;p), the latest of which is the above-posted Dunny from the 2Tone series. Most of the customs shown here are sold, but he accepts commissions - email Check out his works currently on Facebook.


Trex adds: "…I'm a sculptor for 8 years, I love to create new toys. I went to work in (the) PIXIE store two years ago and started to customize. I had made more than 20 PAWS and 15 Skullskins customs at that time. You can still see these works on PIXIE web or store. Then I'm so interesting on custom more toys." - He also mentions the Tiger PAW as well as the Iron PAW were his fav works.

[29 x images / Full-screen viewing here]

Guillaume and Julia - collectively known as Artmymind shares with us info and snaps of their custom-Dunnys, scheduled for a release from 8am NY-time on January 12th online via Priced at US$55 each, both one-of-a-kind customs are from their Japanese collection. Pretty nifty, this.


RUGAKIDD by Turuel One aka Mexican-artist Raul Palacios is a custom 7" Munny - featuring a collab between his friend (who conceptualized, and sculpted the head, bracelet and t-shirt), as well hand-painted by Raul with spraycan, acrylic and some markers. Do check out his DeviantART for more customs and do feel free to bug him for commissions.


Germany-based artist VISEone continues his "Comic Stripped" custom-series with a new 10" DIY Qee - with the clever "D'OH"-eyeballs and yellow skin (with heaps of green). Check out more snaps on his website.


UK-based artist Porlzilla shares with us an decidedly un-toy custom with his Sonic the Hedgehog custom Sega Megadrive mk1. (Well, the post titled does say "Custom Works", doesn't it? ;p). Priced at £50 (sans shipping) here - this is what Porl had to add: "I've just put up for sale the custom Sega Megadrive I finished a couple of months ago. I had great fun painting it up and it worked out better than I hoped with the circular shape moulded into the megadrive matching up with the Gold Ring round Sonic from the first games intro screen. :D"

Yes, as much as I do not partake of video games, I have had my fair share of Sonic back in "the day" …