Custom Works on TOYSREVIL (Jan/19/2011)


US-based Plaseebo has collaborated with Germany-based artist Daniel Goffin on a series of 7 pieces of an Ultra Limited NIGHT GAMERS. Priced at US$375 per - each 6 1/2" high vinyl figure is customized by Daniel hand sculpting and painting his unique vision of the original Night Gamer.  Features include, altered head with multiple glass eyes, an internal color changing motion activated LED unit and a unique plush toy animal suit. These are signed by Daniel on the base of the feet. Look for the figures via the Plaseebo web-shop on Monday January 24th, 2011.

Daniels customs were inspired by his take on Chapter 2 of the
Night Gamers backstory, posted below (my fav sketches!):
 nightgamer_toyfactry_skch_a - Version 2
- Illustrations by John Kastner copyright 2006
- You can read the entire Night Gamer backstory here.
- View the "MAKING OF" Daniels Night Gamers here.


Being a massive fan of Jon-Paul Kaiser, it is no surprise the delight I experienced when he dropped a coupla new customs in my humble inbox (having missed a slew of works since his "Most Of My Heroes Are Zombies" solo show) - firstly of PANDANIGATA (above) - a 3" Dunny custom who is a follow-on from his earlier Pandashigaru figure. "This guy has moved up the ranks and is now a more skilled fighter and renowned for his ferocity in battle. This character is going to pop up in a few more guises throughout his career and time... This was a custom for AlbertOne from the KR boards."


JPK-mentioned: "The second figure is a Smash custom for Uk collector & seller The She Devil, who a fair few people know from the boards and her ebay store. She left the design up to me, and after playing with the shape and balancing it in different ways, (it's surprising what you can do with it actually) my wife suggested perhaps a Donkey-Kong inspired piece. I like to play with conventions a bit if I can, so I decided to take it literally and make the gorilla more life-like and with those fists a boxing theme seemed an obvious choice."


German designer VISEone has gone and created an edition of 30 x TUBE DUNNYS [last blogged] in mixed colorways, with basic black and white editions shown here. As well, he had created an 8" CAN DUNNY (prototype shown below) with the subsequent intention of producing 3 pieces for sale. Price is pegged at 370,00 Euro (including shipping worldwide) and you can pre-order yours by emailing him at Tough luck about the 3" Dunny-customs tho, for they have been pre-ordered.


With the allure of the drip still fresh, VISEone had also gone and made a 2.5 inch TUBE HELLO KITTY - 2 of which exists and are also for sale at 65,- Euro plus 18,- Euro (include shipping worldwide). Again, email him for your gooey-kitty-fix.


One of my personal fav customizers 64Colors has listed an 18" tall custom hand-painted Mega Munny dubbed DOLLY's LLAMA online here. This 1of 1 edition custom is pegged at US$1,500 (shipping in USA included / International shipping add $15) - it is truly a beautiful thing, IMHO.


Spotted on the Noferin flickr is this custom-painted Jibibuts wooden figure. Could this be a new Chinese New Year /Almanac series in the making? Or just a Goodbye 2010 Tiger and Hello 2011 Rabbit? And if you have zero idea what a "Jibibut" is, check out my toy-review here :)


Not very apt to show the WIP of a custom in this new incarnation of blog-posts. but nevertheless delish as I might miss the completed custom from Jason Freeny - who is shown here working on an upcoming "Visible Qee" produced by Toy2r. Apparently the final piece "will be in tradition of the popular Visible Man models…" The final completed prototype (posted below) will be unveiled at an event this coming Valentine's Day on February 14th. If you're feeling lost, fret not - CLICK to see the anatomical sculpts of Jason on TOYSREVIL.


One of my most fervent technical desires was an iPhone (it still is), but frankly I do not fuss over the apps as much as folks who own the mobile, has, One if the most read about games from the iPhone is "Angry Birds", this much I do know. So chancing upon this album by LEGO-enthusiast Chiukeung was pretty fun. Presenting LEGO ANGRY BRIDS! lol