Living The TOYSREVIL Lifestyle (Jan/9/2011)

CLICK THRU to find out a little more about what to expect for Art Hustle 2 trading cards, tinplates featuring James Jean and Shag artwork, Motorbot's dream of a rotocast machine, Touma's New Year E-Greeting, mystery tube posters and new products from 64Colors!

I'm looking at lifestyle products, prints and publications, apparels and niche-sneakers, and anything that delights me! Hit me with info and images at toysreviler [at] This feature will be as regular as the amount of coolness I receive, so get cracking!

Dreamy_Tote_side art

64Colors has collaborated with online retailer BlueQ to release a series of lifestyle-products with very distinctive designs from the dynamic duo of Eric and Laura - featuring totebags, pencil-cases, coin purse and even gum packaging = Yes, one of each, please!

The thing is, I can't seem to track them down online. Such a pity for such fun products, IMHO. Click on the links above to shop online, or Search all under “new products” or as a sub category under “bags and such" = thanks to 64Colors for the updated headsup! :)

Dreamy_Tote_side art

Toy customizer and designer Motorbot wants to make a rotocast machine and solicits cash pledges for it on Kickstarter. His initial goal of US$600 has since double-folded, with 40 days to go. Here is a man who has been pretty relentless about making his own sculpts (alongside his customs) and you need to click HERE to see what he has been doing so far, as posted on the TOYSREVIL-blog - and yes, I do like his particular style of design (tried buying stuff online but they don't seem to ship to Singapore lol)


Motorbot wrote: "So far i have been rotocasting by hand, which is tedious and limits the size of the figure I can make. Casting by hand also results in very inconsistent figures. I would like to build a rotocasting machine to help streamline the process. I have plans for a machine, I just needs the funds to build it. Along with the machine, I will have to remake most of my molds so they will fit in the machine. Once I mechanize he process I will be able to greatly expand what I am doing and provide casting services to other artists looking to get things made. My goal in starting this project was to not only make my own figures, but to make the same thing possible to other artists. Any help is appreciated. Every dollar helps. Thanks for looking"


Artist Skinner reveals his hand-drawn art cards for the upcoming ART HUSTLE 2 Trading Cards (above), while Paul Kaiju gives us both a glance at both the cover and art cards (below). Really nice, these. And as a "former" huge fan of collectible trading cards, these are quite precious to own, methinks! Check out the impressive full artist roster for Series 2 here.



The Poster Cause Project is currently offering up "MYSTERY TUBES" for US$30 online here - with each tube filled with 5 x random prints from their current and past inventory, which might also include super limited test prints, screenprints, artist proofs and out-of-stock prints. Only 100 mystery tubes are available.Posters and prints are fun - if only I had wall-space at home ;p

I am not exactly a huge fan of mint-tins (and have never blogged about them) - but TINPLATE Sets? I'm all for "metal signs" (a particular weakness, in my early collecting years :p) and this duo sets (or three) offered by DKE Toys is interesting. The above shown is the James Jean Tinplate Set of 3 - measuring approx 12" x 12.5". With a SRP of US$300 - the Set of 3 comes signed & numbered prints on metal with matching serial numbers out of 100. The same dimensions and price go for the Shag Tinplate Set of 3, shown below. I'm all for some "James Jean" in my life, and Shag is simply groovy, isn't he?


Nothing to sell here, except a New Year E-Greeting from Japanese character designer TOUMA - heralding the Chinese Almanac Year of the Rabbit for 2011! (Hey, don't get me started - I'm still gagging on his Little Tricker mini series, yeh? Want! Need! Denied … LOL)