Upcoming New Toys on TOYSREVIL (Jan/26/2011)


Reckless Toys taunts one and all with a close-up of their upcoming TOYPUNKS figure designed by Mike Giant. While we know nothing beyond the tentative February-drop schedule for the figure, I've montaged a few pics to remind you of what the figure entails - including a bat, nifty shirt and a bird-flippin' attitude! [Tagged].Let's not even go on about the Clear Vinyl snap we saw back! *Toy-Xcitment*


Posted on the ThreeA forums is a snap of a trio of prototype articulated toy figures in 1/12th-scale. Quite a little toy-xcitement going on in a single pic, innit? And while WWR Heavy Bramble is a shoo-in (to me), the Popbot figures is nice a surprise - finally the TKs / Tomorrow Kings have someone to play with!


A little Chinese New Year teaser for the CNY TQ / Tomorrow Queen - of which only 10 pieces have been made (*emo-gasp*), with only a single aka JUST ONE TQ going to be made available at Bambalandstore (*Infinite-Emo-Gasp*). Any Emo-outbreaks to direct your attention to Gimbat> for being the bearer if bad news ;p


In my very limited ability to trawl the net these days, I had come across a post on Artoyz showcasing their KONDO sculpt by designer Stan, along with swell illustrations and colorway editions to boot! To be made into an undetermined-sized soft vinyl figure in the vein of kaiju crossed with mentioned influence Jim Woodring (well, he had me won me over already), also check out the latest prototype-sculpt parrts featured below, "Made In Japan", no less!



Frankly, I get my touristo kajiu-fix from a very, very limited bunch folks (not surprising as I'm not pretending to be knee-deep in toys I have little knowledge about), and one of this folks is a dude I've never actually met, nor have a conversation with: Luke Rook of Lulubell Toy Bodega, whose adventures in Japan bring us "the beginning of a whole new era in Sofubi." - The RESTORE series from Debris Japan. Looking like one of those intense mystical fictional supernatural characters that populated the Japanese anime "Spirited Away" (sorry, that's my way of reference, that's how I roll ;p). Via restore-created.jimdo.com.


Besides relaunching their Kuso-Pop lifestyle brand, Kuso Designer Toys seemed not be forgetting their toy-production line, with this new gold colorway edition of Rotobox's Fahrenheit posted up on their http://kusovinyl.tumblr.com/post/2936372224/fahrenheit">Tumblr to garner feedback. Looking quite retro in it's color treatment, in sharp comparison to the electric vibrancy of the Blue-colorway edition, discovered in these glamour shots by Joseph Santos' images.


Word is, the Blue Lightning colorway was an planned exclusive which fell by the side. And while the production is complete, no future plans for this edition has been planned in concrete. Would make a swell TOYSREVIL-Edition, wouldn't it? Hah! (Would be even swelter if the uniform was RED tho ;p)


Without a doubt, "Terminator 2: Judgement Day" is one of THE classic geek-flicks of this generation, and is not surprise toys of the characters are produced even until this day, 10-years after it graced silver screens. Cliched lines like "I'll Be Back" continues to be relevant, especially with the upcoming "Ultimate HD Masterpiece" from Enterbay, teasers posted here.



krakit said…
Really excited about the
Kondo by Stan. I received
the glow version yesterday
and it is fantastic!! Can
hardly wait to see the
painted versions.