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In his recent 10th Anniversary Show in TImes Square, Hong Kong, Michael Lau released 13 new characters dubbed KINDERGARDENER - each measuring about 9" tall and features existing Gardener characters finished in "wood carving" chibi versions, in a trio of color variants each. Yes it is mind-blowingly epic, and ultimately stressful for the consummate ML-collector perhaps? Hey, I know I want me sum ML-goodness here! And you too can currently score these figures online via for 145,00 € each! Hell, you can even Ebay them, but I've since given up on such activities, so you're on your own, folks!



Designed by Yosiell Lorenzo aka Project Detonate - this Poison Sweet vinyl comes produced by Happy Panda Toys, and measures 5.8" Tall  x 5.5" wide. Limited to 500 cps and featuring 4 points of articulation, this happy toy is currently distributed by DKE Toys and has a SRP of US$60. Figure comes with Poison Cupcake Accessory, and comes enclosed in a Full Color Gift Box w/ magnetic enclosure. First released November 2010 at DesignerCon, this guy is quite the deadly-cutey, innit?

If it so suits you, HPT has a Mono Version available online for US$65 per (Limited to 250 ps).


Ben Spencer readies to release the second colorway of his Galaxxor resin toy. A total of 5 pieces will be made available on on January 17th @ Noon CST - at US$90 each.

From the gas giant Titanos comes the second Galaxxor: Monster Hunter Robo, Galaxxor 002! This classic 5.5" action figure-style resin art toy was sculpted by Ben Spencer, hand cast in black light reactive translucent crystal clear resin by The Godbeast and hand painted by Ben Spencer. Galaxxor 002 features 2 points of articulation and comes packed in a traditional bag and header style with exclusive header card art by Steve Seeley. This figure is limited to an edition of 5 and will never be produced in this colorway ever again.


Curgently distributed by DKE Toys - you can finally get your vinyl-poo-ON from your fav retailers - with this DKE-Edition Yellow Body x Pink Eyed UNKOTSU by Japanese designers Goccodo! Standing over 4 inches tall and limited to only 45 ps - the SRP is US$45 per plastic-poop.

(FYI: I've previously blogged about this figure and will continue to do so, solely for "Archival" purposes, mind you.)

"The Ghostface Doll" - Black Cream Edition is a 9" vinyl doll of Ghostface Killah - limited to 250 pieces. Housed in a full color box complete with mix tape and certificate of authenticity, this figure also has an internal voice chip that recites 7 catch phrases recorded by Ghostface himself. This is the very first toy released by 4CAST, with the "original" toy offering real gold accessories.

Currently distributed by DKE Toys, this incarnation has a SRP of US$75, and is being sold without the gold accessories ("due to the extremely high price of gold"). These will be made available online at a later date. No "bling-bling man-dollie" this time, folks.


PRESS: Frankie "The Timebandit" is a gangster superhero.  He can travel through time, stop time, and is the supreme bandit of time.  His powerful "time travel" watches allow him to break the space-time Continuum in order to fight evil and tyranny. He seeks out others who have the potential for "time travel" who also possess gangster superpowers of their own.  He slings watches to these select few.  They become the chosen ones who will join together to form a league of time traveling, gangster superheros know as "timebandits."

Standing 9" tall - Frankie is a vinyl figure in full color window box, priced at US$55 and is currently distributed by DKE Toys.


"YaRnIeS" are a new line of plush monsters created by Mikey Anderson - with some characters made with plastic bags and silver duct tape, while others are made from found fabric. With a price range of US$12 to US$50, you can check out your selection online at!

Mikey adds: "The YaRnIeS were born on a day I was completely bored and had no money for art supplies, but I had a ton of plastic bags, silver duct tape, foamy paper, and yarn. So I formed a funky shape out of the bags, wrapped it with yarn, glued fur and googley eyes to it. I then spent the next week just photographing them in Wicker Park with a few of my buddies (people thought we were completely crazy). I decided I wanted other people to own them so I put them in a little comic book store in Wicker Park and before I know it Fashion Designer Cynthia Rowley had them In all of her shops and even took them to Japan!"



Besides posters and prints, The Poster Cause Project also sells toys - in particular Andrew Bell's Oh No! Sushi - available online here for US$100- and includes a O-No Sushi Red Edition Set, a O-No Sushi Green Edition Set, and a "Now You've Done It: a collection of creatures by Andrew Bell" 200-page Book. (Do note that either toy sets was going for US$25 each initially).


Local toy design and manufacturer, Play Imaginative, teams up with American Greetings to introduce the Care Bears: Share-A-Bear Series. Recently revealed at the Singapore Toy Games and Comic Con in Suntec City (posted below), this mini-figure allows you to write a message on it's back. 34 x Care Bears to choose from - now that's a whole lotta bears!