Dissected Baby MILO by KAWS x A Bathing Ape (Feb 26-release)


What is this dire fascination with "dissected" figures? First we are bludgeoned with awesomeness with KAWS Dissected Companions (in both 12" and 4' varieties - all holy toy-grails of mine)), which then saw Doraemon being split and on tees from WrongWroks, and more recently the works of Jason Freeny swept through the internets, heck even Michael Lau attempted a "dissected" homage with M.F.J.K. a while back! … and now KAWS and Japanese fashion / lifestyle brand A Bathing Ape / BAPE comes up with a series of 3 x Dissected BABY MILO? Arguably, this phenom goes as way back as science-kits, boxed up in the school-lab sections of toyshops, now re-envisioned as THE edgy toy of tomorrow? How cool is that? So what toys from the traditional past do you think will make it big in 2011? (That not already is, thanks).


KAWS-blogged: "Once again I teamed up with A Bathing Ape to work on a new project. The first piece I made with Bape was ten years ago for my exhibition "Tokyo First" at Parco. Nigo has supported my work from then til now and I'm happy we continue to do projects together. KAWS MILO will be available at OriginalFake and Bathing Ape shops on February 26th and KAWSONE some time around then."

ToyQube has them on pre-order with a SRP of US$265 for an individual MILO, and US$750 for all three colorways of the 8" tall vinyls.

UPDATE: Figure producers Medicom Toy has listed it priced at ¥15,540 (Approx US$187).
The reality is, production gores on regardless of individual preferences,
check out the new lifestyle products from the KAWS x BAPE collaboration:


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