About The Scratch-Built Muppet Theatre Playset from Lance Cardinal

In my "early days" of toy-collecting, I had many themes in which to build my humble collection (before "focus" could be obtained, we bought everything we liked and enjoyed, didn't we?). And one of them, was my desire for Palisade Toys' MUPPET Show Character figures! Now they weren't cheap, and by the time I got to them, most primaries were sold out, and one of my prized toy-possessions from that era, was Fozzie The Bear!

And as well I was pretty smitten with their diorama toy-sets, and scored me the Swedish Chef Kitchen Set, and as well the Muppets Lab set (featuring Beaker). Now, if I had my way, I would've also scored the "Pigs In Space" playset, as well the much-lauded after Backstage Set (which was actually not made? The company wounded up in 2006) … but alas, life took a different turn around the corner, and I picked up collecting art toy vinyls instead (oh but for the irony).


Then on my not-too-often Twitter readings this Sunday night, I spotted this Jeff Pigeon-tweet ~ a link to THIS: Scratch Built Palisades Muppet Theatre Playset! (All images of which posted here belong to.)


Scratch-built by Canada-based Lance Cardinal, the Muppets Theatre was made as a compendium to his other custom-built Muppet Show Backstage Set! And this is a "practical" stage too, along with moving backdrops, props and trapdoors too! *GUSH*

Lance basically designs for stage/theatre and as well costumes, and this is a real treat for me, personally. Frankly, I would've just near reposted EVERYTHING here ~ but I reckon it would be good for you to go check out the links for more images and be happily mesmerized as I did/am!

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