Che Bacca Bust by Retro Outlaw Studio (Historical Personality x Star Wars mashup)

The revolutionary Che has been immortalized in tee-shirts and slogans for what seems like ages now, having see Kozik and Urban Medium fusing the personality with skull-faces and Storm Trooper imagery (both of which I would lurve to have in my collection), and the latest to join the pop culture fray, is Retro Outlaw Studio (or at least, being posted on this blog). presenting CHE BACCA!

A cross between Che and Chewbacca, the signature military wear and beret is mashed-up with the Star Wars' character's furry head! The website actually states that this mini bust is actually bootlegged from Urban Medium's Che Trooper (which I think to be hilariously-cool).

Standing 6 inches tall and featuring hand-paints from producers Retro Outlaw Studios and artist sAntoro, Che Bacca comes in three colorways on Olive, Lime and Red, for US$40 per, and US$100 for the three together. Order HERE. We first spotted this via my posting for "Alex DeLarge/Droog Leader", and as well this fig came about from their tee-designs!