ToyGod & Toy Godfather Custom Munnys by Win Satrya @ Munny World Festival Indonesia (Flashback 2010)

WHAT: I was in Jakarta last year in late-September, as a Special Invited Guest by Plastic Culture for Munny World Festival Indonesia. I did not manage to finish my coverage. There are loads more to be shared. This is one such post…


Spotted at the entrance display podiums of Munny World Festival Indonesia in 2010, were a duo if custom sculpted Munnys from the co-founder of Plastic Culture: Win Satrya. Ever the deft sculptor and designer, Win had fashioned two regular Munnys into the Indian-deity themed ToyGod, and the lush Toy Godfather, each with their own seats of power, as well fully printed and framed canvases, also by Win!


The accumulation of short sleepiness nights and judicious amounts of "Paper Clay Lado", both sculpts on Munny V4s are currently Not For Sale, and had actually originated from prints designed for P.C. and were created based on the imaginations of Win. Shown above is The Toy God, while "Sir Plastic Edmund" aka The Toy Godfather sits below with a stoogie burning a cotton-wool puff. (Someone get him his slippers, quick!)

[Full-screen viewing]


Who-Is-WIN: He has done a lot for himself and has contributed so much. As the creative director of World of Imaginations, the sky is the limit for Win. He calls himself an Imaginary Consultant. Branding, Imagineering (Imagine + Engineering), Theme Park Concepting are among the things that he does. Not only that, he is also the co-founder of Plastic Culture, Loubelle Shop, Monik Clothing, and DAMN! I Love Indonesia. [via]


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