WHAT: I was in Thailand a the beginning of September 2010 to cover The Character Licensing Expo Asia / CLEA and had posted a host of happenings, but it was not completed. There were many more to be blogged about, and this is one such post…


One of the happenings at last year's CLEA, that which I have yet to blog about at length, is the existence of the TOYSREVIL booth. This would be the first time I am posting images of said booth, and you can plainly see my hesitance to post them in the first place. Besides being sparse (*cue-crickets*), the most notable aspect of the 3 x 3 space, is that all the posters and banners are printed by myself, which ironically could have easily paid for the internet-connection in the display arena, and allowed me to work during exhibition days, and enjoyed my "off"-times (which I had spent most of in my hotel room, where the internet connect was horrid but enabled me to Facebook most of my coverage, headaches and stress notwithstanding). But enough of my whining, here's snaps of what adorned the partition-walls!


And since TOYSREVIL is a toy-news-blog, and have basically nothing to "sell", I had decided to "pimp" my blog-posts instead! As well a heap helping of toys I blog about and are involved in posting and collecting about, where I can educate the folks who are interested in knowing more about them (which has always been my aim in helming a booth, truth be told). Shown above (on a panel) were the collated July 2010-toy-news montage (each square parallels a blog-post), exclusive downloadable papercrafts available on my blog (from Manny Galan, Horrorwood, 3EyedBear and Brian Castleforte), as well both Jumbo Edition and Regular Edition TRE x Calling All Cars paperkits (from STGCC 2009). Some of the regular kits were gifted to interested fans too, as well the STGCC-edition paperkit from Sjors Trimbach.


Tis quite interesting, the papertoy reception in Thailand, with quite a bit of acceptability and accessibility for a lot of designers, no doubt because it does not take much money to produce a "designed-toy" of their own, in this instance, a toy made of paper, IMHO. And as well the ability to produce a paper-craft is universal. Wish I had more chance to explore this in Thailand tho.


July and August 2010 represented above. Yes, seems I was pretty busy online then! If given the time and opportunity, I even had a "game" sorted out, whereby folks / participants were to go thru a "speed round" of identifying blog-posts / image-squares featuring say, Jon-Paul Kaiser's posts, and have a chance to win a JPK-figure! (There were a handful of Khan Qees on display, and you could have it signed too, innit? Heh

Maybe next event :)


As well on display were self-snapped images that were initially considered as postcard-prints to give away. Shown above are a line-up of resin-made figures, small-scaled vinyl toys, designer plashes, and a standalone onstage of ThreeA Toys offerings ~ basically mixed categories of toys I blog about on a near-daily basis! Of the above A2-sized laminated laser-prints, only two images were printed into postcards to be given away.


The shelves would have been lined with art toys of differing make and materials, in a mixed variety of genres, but alas, the fear of having them displayed exposed to the public, was worrying to me. In lieu I had a small selection of TOYSREVIL-YOKAs on blister-card, as well boxes of Khan Qees from JPK, and even a single day where I had the opportunity to display both Dunny customs from Zam and Jon-Paul (they completed it for a swap / featured here priors).


Newfound friends gamely snapping a pic with me in the humble booth. As much as I would have loved to replicate the huge red banners of my STGCC booth in 2009 (suddenly reminds me of secret society hung banners used for initiation muahahaha), I could barely afford a single red canvas banner, for which I had a singular purpose beyond just displaying and branding my booth ~ I had wanted artists and friends to doodle and/or sign on it!

The plan was to bring this banner wherever I go for events, so one day it'll be filled up with people from places from all over. This banner subsequently made it's way to Jakarta for the 2010 Munny World Festival Indonesia as well :)

Jon-Paul Kaiser, Igor Ventura and Napat Phromphruk putting marker to banner!

Truth be told, I truly enjoy having a booth to brand the blog, as well a base to spread the "gospel" of designer art toys, but most times I let my passion get the better of me, and end up with things I can barely afford, in situations I let myself get into. Regardless, these have become swell memories, moreso than "regrets", so it's all good in the toy-hood! :)


Sorry, but I had to post these as well, of Jon-Paul hamming it up for a blog / twitter-contest I had held earlier for a signed Khan Qee! (Lurving the "crazy-eyed" snap tho LOL).