Lou Belle Shop Presents TV Eye Toy Launching Exhibition & Custom Show: Happy Shocks, Victim Shakes, Guerillas Rawks by indieguerillas


TOYSREVIL has previously sneaked images of indiguerilla's TV EYE form [here+here] and now we have official news about the grow art show featuring the figure! Indieguerillas invites 26 artists from selected cities in Indonesia to collaborate on the "TV EYE LAUNCHING EXHIBITION AND CUSTOM SHOW" event with a show entitled "Happy Shocks, Victim Shakes, Guerillas Rawks". Launch date is scheduled for a May 7th opening at Lou Belle Shop, Bandung, Indonesia - and exhibits thru May 14th, 2011.

You know what is utterly cool about this? An in-country designed toy, manufactured in Indonesia, customized by fellow countrymen, and exhibited in a space in Indonesia. This is pretty much a proud moment to come, folks. And wait till the show arrives in Singapore! Ah, but I am getting ahead of myself here…


Participating artists include: The Yellow Dino (BDG) / Marine Ramdhani a.k.a JOUWE (BDG) / Tell Them (BDG) / Astronautboys (BDG) / Recycle Experience (BDG) / CIKCUK (GER) / Amalia Kartika (BDG) / Breeanzz (BDG) / Rajaya Yogaswara a.k.a Machine 56 (BDG) / Radi Arwinda (BDG) / Pinkversusblack (JKT) / Arian13 (JKT) / Darbotz (JKT) / KOMA (INDO) (JKT) / Aram Kaleva (JKT) / Muloyoung (JKT) / Narpatti Awangga a.k.a Om Leo (JKT) / The Sompret (JKT) / Farid Stevy Asta (YK) / Terra Bajraghosa (YK) / Iwan Effendi (YK) / Wedhar Riyadi (YK) / Yudi Sulistyo (YK) / Uji Hahan Handoko (YK) / Fredy Chandra (YK) / Hendra Hehe (YK).
WHAT-IS: Indieguerillas is an artist duo from Yogyakarta - Indonesia that was found back on 1999. They're a couple Santi Ariestyowanti and Dyatmiko "Miko" Bawono. They've studied Visual Communication Design and Interior Design at Art and Design Faculty on Yogyakarta Art Institute (known as ISI Yogyakarta). They're known for their interest on various folklore image, and also for their skill on demonstrationg various visual effect and intermedia experiments on their creation.

After many exploration and produce lots of work made by various media whether it is 2 or 3 dimension, on 2011 they're finally created a resin based toy figure named "TV Eye".
Lou Belle Shop
jl.dr.setiabudhi #56 Bandung