Exclusive Event Images & Q&A for Mr Whistlecraft's Tarnished Daydreams by Doktor A @ Iksentrik (April 1-30)

"Mr Whistlecraft's TARNISH DAYDREAMS" sees Doktor A's solo show launched at Iksentrik on April 1st, and will see a showing thru to April 30th. Here are exclusive snaps of the event, as well words and impressions from the good Doktor himself. Stay tuned to TOYSREVIL for the next few days, when we feature individual customs, along with words from Doktor A. [Click "TARNISHED DAYDREAMS" to read accordingly].

Most of the items have been spoken for (Shown above-left is the 30-set limited edition postcard set for Tarnish Dreams - orderable here), with a scant few currently available online via Iksentrik HERE. Folks with snaps of the event are also recommended to add their event snaps to the Tarnished Daydreams Flickr-group. Lots of activities going on, but with a singular focus on the arts of Doktor A.

[8 x images in slideshow above the exhibition space / Click for full-screen viewing]

TOYSREVIL: How does it feel to find it's completion? And does it mark a milestone in your craft? And what was the theme of the exhibition?

DOKTOR A: To be honest it feels quite a relief to finally have this show open. Its been nearly a years worth of work and it feels like I have had some of these pieces sat in my studio watching me for a very long time now. Its good to see them move on to their new homes.

Unlike my previous two shows this one had no real over-riding theme. It is simply more characters from the city of Retropolis.

[5 x images in slideshow above of friends and attendees / Click for full-screen viewing]

TOYSREVIL: And I see a lot of production sketches and imagery throughout the display - why show them?

DOKTOR A: The blueprints on the wall behind the drawings are the designs for the unmade series 2 Mini Mechtorians toys. As people wont get to see the toys now i thought it would be nice for them to glimpse the characters in some way at the show.

[13 x images in slideshow above of art on walls / Click for full-screen viewing]

TOYSREVIL: Why the name "Tarnished Daydreams"? What does it represent?

DOKTOR A: I daydream a lot whilst I work. My mind goes off on little trips and comes back with new characters or new information on existing characters. All this finds it's way into my work. And nothing I ever do is shiny and new. Always battered and tarnished.

[14 x images in slideshow above of custom-works / Click for full-screen viewing]
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