Tarnished Daydreams Feature: Amnesia Primm by Doktor A

[Amnesia Primm @ Tarnished Daydreams, alongside her creator Doktor A]

TOYSREVIL: How did the concept of Amnesia Primm come about? The lockable keys in the wooden box screams "story" and I can imagine a swell stop-motion animated short!

DOKTOR A: I came up with the name about half way into the building of her and so added in the element of all the keys. I think she would make a splendid stop motion character. All her skirt layers rocking at different pitches as she glides around fussing over doors and keys. One day I hope to collaborate on some stop motion with someone.


PRODUCT-DETAILS: Amnesia Primm Stands 10.5" tall (minus base) and is made of ABS, Brass, Vinyl, Lead, Paper, Copper, Rubber, Steel, Silver, Found Objects. - Amnesia Primm is listed as SOLD.

WHO: Poor Amnesia has no short term memory. She simply cannot afford it. Unfortunately she does not remember this fact. This sadly leads to terrible bouts of paranoia. She is convinced that someone else is living in her house with her, though she has never actually seen them. Things change position without her recalling moving them. Food is eaten when she is out of the room and her books and letters rearrange themselves on the shelves. She has taken to locking each and every door as she leaves the room in an attempt to hinder the interloper. However keeping track of all the different keys is extremely taxing.
WHAT-IS: TARNISHED DAYDREAMS is a solo show by Doktor A, and opened April 1st @ Iksentrik and exhibits thru April 30th. CLICK to view continued coverage of Doktor A on TOYSREVIL, as well stay tuned every "Odd Days" of the week (sans weekends) for custom-features and continued Q&A!
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