Tarnished Daydreams Feature: Denton-Snark by Doktor A


TOYSREVIL: Quite a select few of your customs have an underlying ferocity in their designs, with one such gent being Denton-Shark. Or is he maligned here? Blame the teeth. We don't much see "teeth" in Doktor A customs!

DOKTOR A: "Its a bit of "Rupture" seeping into the Mechtorians world really. He is indeed a softly spoken fellow who just has a fearsome aspect."


PRODUCT-DETAILS: "Denton-Snark" is a customized "Benny" toy (originally designed by Kathie Olivas). Made of Vinyl, Lead, Acrylic, Copper, Rubber, Steel, Polymer Clay, and Found Objects - Denton-Snark stands 7.5" tall and is listed as SOLD OUT.

WHO: Head of museum security, Eugene was initially hired for his fearsome visage. A soft-spoken and genteel character in reality, his frightening dental work has proven a useful visual deterrent to would be trouble makers. Though he is proud of his office he is still a little self conscious of his appearance.
WHAT-IS: TARNISHED DAYDREAMS is a solo show by Doktor A, and opened April 1st @ Iksentrik and exhibits thru April 30th. CLICK to view continued coverage of Doktor A on TOYSREVIL, as well stay tuned every "Odd Days" of the week (sans weekends) for custom-features and continued Q&A!
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