Ubah The Hornbill Political Plush of Sarawak

This is a little something interesting coming in from our reader Jin AT Dorimuko, who reports on a plush toy being used for elections in the state of Sarawak! Now this blog strictly abstains from posting anything remotely to do with "politics" …. but when toys enter the fray? Check out the video below!

JIN Wrote: "Currently one of our state is having an election where 71 state seats are being contested. Everything seems as usual, banners here and there, speeches given here and there by opposing contestants trying to bring each others down but one party however did something surprising....they came up with their own toy, a hornbill plush toy name Ubah.

This little cute hornbill represents Sarawak's voice and will play an important part in bringing down our current chief minister who is famed for being corrupted, greedy and ruthless. There is even a video clip in youtube with the title "Ubah vs Taib" which is both entertaining and meaningful."

Ubah vs Taib: