Superhero-Sunday: Iron Man from NanoBenji & Billionaire Superheroes


The character Iron Man has gripped the consciousness of the now generation, a result of the movie blockbuster consumed by the masses, heralding a return to the glory days of comicbook heroes on the silver screen, and unlike the conceptions of Spiderman, Superman, Hulk, Thor, Fantastic Four etc - all of which possesses extra-ordinary super-powers, Tony Stark has money, and build himself a super-suit. Just as billionaire Bruce Wayne too has money and surrounds himself with gadgets galore - they are ample proof that although with powers come responsibilities (oops, that's Parker's line!), wtih personal net worth comes the ability to buy stuff to help fight crime.

They are the new breed (of the old long standing breed) that seems more mortal than human, and closer to being "fact" than "impossibly super-powered-fiction". Hey, most folks want to be "billionaires", as much as being "superheroes", don't they? Heh.

[Above Iron Man render from NanoBenji from Indonesia]


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