Classic, Shadow & Samurai Predators by Hot Toys @ Ani-Com / ACGHK 2011

This is a Predator-fueled blogpost, featuring a trio of 1/6th-scaled Predator figurines from Hot Toys - currently showing at ACGHK 2011 aka Ani-Com. Shown below are sideshowed images of Classic Predator (the event exclusive), Shadow Predator (Toy-Fair Exclusive) and the Samurai Predator (teased not too long ago - featuring work by Mr. Takayuki Takeya & Mr. Yuji Oniki).

As much as they have re-released Iron Man in various editions and colorways, so too have Hot Toys' Predator-figures increased in number, and frankly there is no doubt about how awesome they look - and it is not small wonder why HT continues to release versions, simply because folks lap them up! The Samurai Predator looks pretty intense too! (Although I am unsure if this will ever be a production piece).

[6 x images of Classic Predator / Full-screen / Images by Figuremaniac]

[4 x images of Shadow Predator Full-screen / Images by Figuremaniac]


Check out the above packaging box for Shadow Predator, courtesy of a scalper! More images in a separate post "dedicated" to scalper! LOL

[6 x images of Samurai Predator / Full-screen / Images by Gretzky9]

[Source: Hot Toys Community]


  1. The Samurai Predator is now a confirmed production piece... Hot Toys has just released pictures of this new figure and pre orders are up... The best news is that the Hot Toys Samurai predator is actually articulated ,with more then 22 points or articulation... I much prefer this over a diorama... The Hot Toys Samurai Predator also comes with lots of accessories and traditional Japanese weapons and armor.. Quite an interesting figure I would say... Just hope to have more backstory about this character and how it came to merge in with the Japanese Samurais...

  2. It is true that Hot Toys is coming up with more and more predators but the good thing about it is all the Hot Toys Predators so far are of good quality and if I am not mistaken we have no figures that are mere repaints. The new Classic Predator and the First Issue Jungle Predator are also distinct and come with different accessories.. The Hot Toys Iron Man series on the other hand just issued a repaint War Machine recently...


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