Iron Men & Mongers from Hot Toys @ San Diego Comic Con 2011


The different editions of movie-editions Iron Man by Hot Toys on-display at San Diego Comic-Con 2011, as well featuring the newly announced Suit-Up Gantry diorama (as seen from "Iron Man 2") and the Iron Monger as seen from the first "Iron Man" movie. The chest chasis opens up to reveal the 1/6th-scaled figure within of Obadian Stane? *Swoon*

[4 x images in slideshow above of Iron Monger / Full-screen viewing]

I've been casually reading the commentary left behind by fans on their Facebook exclaiming on about HT "cashing in on the license of IM" with a myriad of editions and releases, and the constantly lack of movement on the Iron Monger - and now that they've displayed the near-finished figure, I wonder what else fans have to clammer for? And the plain simply reason there's so many figure-editions released, because folks buy them, and will continue to buy them, isn't it? Why produce something people will not buy, right? LOL

[8 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]

[Pics from MWCToys & some "repeat-shots" from Cool Toy Review]
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