Making A Toy King with Pretty in Plastic


And while there's a detailed genesis of the "Toy King" trophy from Pete Fowler's design posted on [Flickr-album], we instead had a quick Q&A with Julie B. of Pretty In Plastic about the blinged-out figure they made! Now that looks to be one super-shiny trophy!


TOYSREVIL: Is this Pretty In Plastic's first trophy?

JULIE B: We just finished the "Toyota Athlete of the Year Award" Trophy for Dew Tour - (Mountain Dew Tour - Extreme Sports). This was a ton of fun to work on with so many different elements. Resin, rust, metal! There is a quick "making of" film that will be released soon. It's fun to see weeks of work in 30 seconds!

Toy King

TOYSREVIL: I would dare say the figure design is pretty complex (especially it's horns) but is there anything Pretty in Plastic cannot do? The chrome effect is amazing! Is it over resin? (I dare not ask you for secrets of how you did it but it looks absolutely bling-worthy)

JULIE B: Aw…come on... of course not! We are like Macgyver (spelling?) over here :)
Yes. These are resin casts with major bling appeal. It is an involved process. He is like a gold mirror and you are looking into the future... pretty sweet stuff!

[5 x images in slideshow above / Full-screen viewing]

TOYSREVIL: TOYSREVIL: How long does it take to make one, in average? How many did you make?

JULIE B: Around 22 with AP versions for the vault ;)
The whole process was a luxurious six weeks. We had plenty of time to nail the sculpt and get these guys into pristine shape. They do take some time as each one is hand finished. We had a great team at the shop and I do have to thank them all for the AMAZING work they did! Yes, we can make any color chrome!

Toy King