Public Voting & You @ The Designer Toy Awards 2011

The Public Voting for the inaugural "Designer Toy Awards" is currently up for your voting pleasures at With not many days left before voting is closed (dateline is July 6th Wedneesday) this aspect of the awards is up for voting by the general public (and is separate from the Closed Judges Voted categories of the DTAs - of which I am a part of as well), and the results being announced on July 21st at the Munky King Comic Con Party @ Bar Basic.

NOTE: To vote in the public awards you must first register with the site. Only one vote per person, per category will be accepted so choosing your winner carefully is key. ~Which also means you can vote one time for each category of your choice each day, and as well be able to vote for other categories as well! Not necessarily One-Vote-One-Day only, yeh? (*hint-hint*).

And while this is not a sanctioned blog-post, perhaps I will attempt to bring you folks thru the PUBLIC VOTING nominees of each category in the DTAs, to get you folks re-acquainted with what is on the table currently. To vote or not, is YOUR choice.

Oh, by the way - all images link to the DTA-page to vote for TOYSREVIL in the Best Blog category, shamelessly so - Why? Because I really want that Pete Fowler-designed Toy King trophy! LOL


DTA-Category: ARTIST OF THE YEAR [Vote here]

NOMINEES: Amanda Visell, Andrew Bell, Angry Woebots, Ardabus Rubber, Ashley Wood, AW177, Brent Nolasco, Bwana Spoons, Carlos Enriquez-Gonzalez, Chris Ryniak, Chris Squink, Drilone, Erick Scarecrow, Ferg, Francis Hörters, Frank Kozik, Huck Qee, Jesse Hernandez, Joe Ledbetter, Jon-Paul Kaiser, KaNO, Kathie Olivas, KAWS, KRONK, Leecifer, Lou Pimentel, Luke Chueh, Mark Nagata, Mcbess, Patricio Oliver, Paul Kaiju, Reactor88 RsinArt, Scott Tolleson, Scribe, Shawn Smith, The Beast Brothers, The Sucklord, Yoskay Yamamoto.

TOYSREVIL-SAYS: Out of the 39 Nominees in the "Artist of the Year" category (by far the largest grouping in the DTA-Public Votes), only 3 are women. The rest are a mix bag of recognizable names in toy-design, for both production and toy-customs, ranging from plush to vinyl, to resin slingers to 1/6th-scaled figures. By far the most encompassing category in the DTAs whose "success" lies in the skills and production of their work, as well as the reception from their fan-base - exactly the attributes mentioned below. Their fans will make this a success, I reckon. Now is when you realize you should have been "nicer" to folks back when ~ How "cruel" is that? LOL

WHY-VOTE: Honors the artist that captured the hearts of his or her fan base.


DTA-Category: BEST BLOG [Vote here]

NOMINEES: Battlegrip, Hello Vinyl, Kaiju Chronicle, Kollectible Kulture, SpankyStokes, The Blot Says, Tomopop, Toy Break, Toybot Studios, TOYSREVIL, Vinyl Pulse, Vinyl Monster, Vinyl Gooddess, JeremyRiad, OPPLOL

TOYSREVIL-SAYS: Out of 15 nominees, one is a video-log, 10 are run by a person alone (or so my impressions are / including mine - which I KNOW I run alone hahaha), and hell, we are all a toy-"incestuous" lot in the first place, aren't we? LOL

One name woefully omitted from this list is Plastic and Plush (one of the two I initially read before I started my blog, alongside VP) -but then again PnP gives out their own Toy Awards each year and have been for a while, so I reckon they are fine :p

WHY-VOTE: Honors the toy blog that stands out from the pack, informs and entertains.


DTA-Category: FAN FAVOURITE [Vote here]

NOMINEES: Android (by Andrew Bell), Betty Hairy Honey (from Lulubell), Blankie Series 1 (from Aarting), Caleb (from James Jarvis), Micro Mundos (from Micro Barbie), Half Baked Snake (from Rohby), Seismic Ace (from Smash Tokyo Toy), Soopa Marias (by Erick Scarecrow), TUTTZ (by Argonaut Resins).

TOYSREVIL-SAYS: And here I thought Dunnys and Munnys were well received by folks LOL

WHY-VOTE: Fans' favorite vinyl toy of the year, taking into account all aspects of production including quality, function and design.

SUGGESTION: I reckon instead of "favorite vinyl toy" mentioned above, it could well be altered to "favorite art toy", as nearly half of the nominated above are resin-made!


DTA-Category: BEST ONLINE TOY STORE [Vote here]

NOMINEES:,, Bambaland, Cardboard Spaceship, DeKorner, Frozen Empire Toys, Lulubell Toy Bodega, Munky King, myplasticheart, Rivet,, Tenacious Toys, The Hang Gang, Toy Art Gallery, Vinyl Destination.

TOYSREVIL-SAYS: Out of the 15 nominated online venues touting "plastic crack" (heh), I have only ever shopped in one of them, one is owned by someone I have interviewed before, while another is my ad-sponsor, while yet another is a venue I have never heard of. Strangely enough, I do not find a whole lot of promotions for their nominations in the DTAs, except for a very rare few … Power to you who do, I say!

WHY-VOTE: Celebrates the best online toy store, taking into account aspects such as service, ease of use and range of products.

SUGGESTION: It is you job to sell toys, so why not "sell" folks to vote for your online store? Perhaps set-up a button on the site that links to the vote-page? Make things easier for folks, why doncha? For once you have a button on the site that let's folks do something else other than "Add To Cart" and pay for something :)

And voting customers go into a draw with someone scoring something along with their purchase? Hey, "touting" is getting customers to buy something from you, "promotions" is when you enhance their shopping experience, no? Heh.


DTA-Category: BEST TOY STORE [Vote here]

NOMINEES: Domy Books, Dragatomi, Freak Store, Geninue Artikle, Iksentrik, Kidrobot, Lulubell Toys, Munky King, myplasticheart, Plastic Culture, Playlounge, Popup NZ, Rivet Gallery, Rotofugi, Screaming Sky Gallery, Sixx Store Vienna, Super7, Toy Tokyo.

TOYSREVIL-SAYS: To say the 18 nominated Best Toy Store is predominantly U.S.A-based, is an understatement. Only 6 out of the lot are outside of the U.S. And sadly, Singapore stores are no-where in the list. Hey, I am guilty in the first place for not nominating my favs, so tis best I stop yakking about nominees right here.

Although I really like the term mentioned below; "the most knowledgeable and helpful staff" = because to me, that is key, beyond the owners of any establishment, this the shop assistants that makes the visit memorable, and god knows we have had our unfair share of hired help who just know how to tell you the price of the item on the price-tag pasted on the box.

And don't judge me when I say one of my wishes is to visit them all one day. Really. I love being in toy-stores physically surrounded by toys. It's like I'm "home" and being in the company of like-minded toy-enthusiasts is a comforting feeling, no?

WHY-VOTE: Honors the toy store that has the best selection and the most knowledgeable and helpful staff.

SUGGESTIONS: Why not have a PC or laptop stationed at your shop somewhere, where folks and customers can vote directly for you there and then, with a happy bag of toys in hand, and spirit lifted with a little discount moments before? Hell, have a voting party! Invite folks over for drinks and cakes, and get them to vote there and then!

Perfect timing could have been the recent Dunny 2011-release, but you know what? Thems "old news" now - go out and make "new news"!


DTA-Category: BEST COLLECTION [Vote here]

NOMINEES: Carl, Gino, Kinohi, Mendez, Sara and Jason, George and Ayleen.

TOYSREVIL-SAYS: I "hate" them all. They all have awesome collections that make me feel tiny and insignificant. Looking and gawking at their collections in the sole pictures online, the words "toy-sterile" and "collection-impudence" echo in the soundscape around me, nibbling at my ear-lobe ... and I feel like a dust-speck at the corner of the feet of a toy on display in the window forever. Heh.

This category is needed, but needed to be advertised more, as there are also tons of collectors out there who have larger collections (and I have seen them). But perhaps the line between "voting for yourselves" versus "vote for my friends whose collection I had spanked at" is too blurred to be effective, IMHO. And this is the award for the "most", and may be be either "aspirational" or a put-off for folks with lesser on their toy-shelves.

WHY-VOTE: Celebrates the toy collector with the largest, most diverse and coolest collection.


DTA-Category: BEST TOY FROM A COMIC [Vote here]

NOMINEES: B and Conscience Cat, Dead As Stitch, Beat Bee, Kill Audio, Skullbunnies, Tomorrow Queen, Zombie Chuck.

TOYSREVIL-SAYS+SUGGESTS: Seven nominees in this category - which seems to based on the amount of fans that will bring the award to the brand. Another category I see less promotions of. C'mon guys, draw a little image to help in your voting! Do a series of paneled art to promote voting in your item!

You have the benefit of skill to be able to enhance our vote without the need to wait for others to produce them, IMHO. And as well "remind" folks WHY they are voting for your toy based from a comic book :)

WHY-VOTE: Celebrates the fan's favorite comic book toy.


DTA-Category: BEST DIY PLATFORM [Vote here]

NOMINEES: CE, Dweey, Elements, Mad*L, Minny Munny, OMI, Proyecto Ensamble, QEE, Toasterboy.

TOYSREVIL-SAYS: Nine nominees in the Best DIY form - is an interesting category for me, as I am pretty intimate with two of them, while "fascinated" with some of them. The DIY category might not have even been prevalent say, 4 years ago? Now? They have a category of their own. I do not see much artists touting these tho. Why do you think in most of my interviews with artists, I ask them what is their favorite form to customize?

WHY-VOTE: Celebrates platform toys, considering aspects that appeal to different DIY artists such as shape vs. plain form.

SUGGESTIONS: I would say give away some blanks to promote voting for you, but then again having the need to ensure folks actually vote for you, would be the pain. Hey same thing I suggested for "Best Toy Store" above = have a "Voting Party" at a select venue, set-up a laptop for voting, and give away Blank toy prizes! Don't be stingy - winning this might even let you print the award on your packaging box! (FYI: You'd better check with the organizers to see if this can be done at all or not tho LOL)



NOMINEES: CE Design Contest @ CLEA 2010, DesignerCon, I Love Munny, Love Movement, Munny World Festival Indonesia, NYC♥QEE, SDCC, The Vader Project.

TOYSREVIL-SAYS+SUGGESTS: Out of the period between 2009 to 2010, seems only 8 events held around the world were worthy of folks' nomination in this category.

I like this category, as it is the most encompassing aspect of the awards, whereby folks tend to be able to gather the most voting numbers. Organizers already have an in-hand collection of folks and statistics to make this work for them. What? No mailing list? What have you been doing? LOL - I can imagine Facebook events page sprouting up to get folks to vote for the event they had attended and enjoyed themselves in. Let folks relive the memories again!

3K folks visited your event? Imagine if even 10% of them voted, at the very least you'll have 300 votes, right? Or does that mean an event is over, it's not worth praise and recognition?

WNY-VOTE: Celebrates events this year which were influential in various ways, such as summing up a moment in time, capturing the imagination of all who visit it and influencing trends for the future.