About That Cheeky Tiki from Rich Page


Richard Page of UME Toys has been delving into TIKI-imagery as of late, with sketches leading to 3-dimensional sculpts, and TOYSREVIL finds out where it all came from, and where it's all going to go next, with his "Cheeky Tiki".

TOYSREVIL: Why Tiki Totems?

RICH PAGE: Growing up I always liked the retro hotrod/rat and 60s-70s surf scene style and after visiting Disney's Magic Kingdoms Enchanted Tiki room fell back in love with Tikis - but haven't done any art along these lines for ages. That changed after my daughter came home with a little Tiki keyring for me that she got on a school trip. After getting him at the back of my mind was the rekindling of wanting to do some Tiki art.

RICH PAGE: I'm a graphic designer by trade and found out that I'm getting laid off later on this year - so I thought it was about time to consolidate my blogs a little so I refreshed UMETOYS to showcase my toy/sculpting work, freshened up my illustration/design site Rubber Rodeo to carry only finished clean looking work and left all the rest of my dirty scribbles over on Flickr.


TOYSREVIL: Share with us the genesis of your Tikis.

RICH PAGE: First up was this chap (shown above). I made sculpted him up with a view of casting some off in resin - this changed when for some reason the mould latex didn't cure correctly so after picking him out and cleaning him up I've decided he'll be a one off show item (still needs a coat of paint). Next up was a one piece sculpt:

Tiki reverse detail Tiki

TOYSREVIL: What's up next for your Tikis? Are they going to be produced?

RICH PAGE: This will be cast in resin very soon and available to purchase online and at Thought Bubble comic con in Leeds in November (and if I get a chance I'll be taking some to New York Comic con in Oct)

A friend asked me how long it takes to make a sculpt - a question I've not really thought about as I really love the process of creating something with my hands - so I started this little chap over the weekend and snapped some pictures as I went:


RICH PAGE: I think he will be a one off piece - I'd like to start doing more of these one off's for anyone interested - along with my other styles of work.

See more making-of images of Tikis on http://ume-toys.blogspot.com.