Custom-Feature: God of Trash by Daniel Goffin


First debut at the recent Toy Karma 3 show in Rotofugi, here's a closer look at Daniel Goffin's GOD OF TRASH custom-build - featuring a mash-up of an Indian vinyl toy tuk-tuk (check out the OG-sculpt before) and resin parts. "A little stab a low quality productions juxtaposed with intentional free-form texture sculpting (I made that up)." ~mentioned Daniel - who also mentioned that each colorway will be limited to two pieces, with a total of six (6) colorways planned! Check out the event listing on ~ *Beep-Beep*


Daniel's recent trip to Bangalore, India, was business-related, in which he managed to score the auto-rickshaws (i remember riding in them clearly, when I was in India circa 2002 lol)! He shares with us the inspiration for the custom build:
"The toy was influenced mainly by three things: auto-rickshaws, trash and the hindu pantheon. All are omni-present in Indian cities. When I came to India I wanted to hunt down original Indian toys but that turned out to be more difficult than I imagined it to be for such a big and proud country.

I finally found a set of 12 cheaply produced vinyl auto-rickshaws which where perfect for a custom mash-up project. The toy's quality was so bad that there was flashing at the seamlines everywhere and one of the toys even came with a hair of a factory work sealed inside the plastic bag! My first idea was to make some kind of Indian transformer toy out of these but after a while I grew fond of the low production value that I thought it would be better to work with it instead of trying to hide it by cutting up the toys.

In the end I envisioned a kind of kaiju/monster story where all the toxic trash and discarded autorickshaw parts are brought to life as an evil god haunting people that think that there will always be someone to take care of their waste. Yet, the consequences for plant, animal and human life are seldom thought about in India as proper waste management is practically non-existent."
~shares Daniel Goffin.


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