The Winner for 'A Steampunk Perspective #1: Cusromizing Toys' Is...


And amidst a flurry of some intensely splendid submissions, the Judges certainly had their hands full in choosing their fave top entry for the 'A Steampunk Perspective #1: Customizing Toys' blog-contest, and believe you me, it was an intensely tight decision to be had by all - and in the end, we all agreed to the winning JUDGES' CHOICE entry to be from Venezuela-based customizer Glen Fernandez aka Glenfx: STEAMbub! Congratulations!

"great concept, executed excellently. Doesn't resemble the Rooz after Glen had worked his magic on it. Love the weathering and antiquing details the Steambud." ~adds Contest Judge Jake from Pobber.
"Steampunk manifest unto a build both impressive and thematically spot-on amidst a selection of superb submissions, this particularly tugged at my heart with it's brand of hope and melancholy made into a toy-form. And with it feels a real story there to be told, too, which gives it a depth that is both enticing and intriguing - bravo, Glen!" ~metnions Contest Judge Andy of TOYSREVIL.
"I think there is a real warmth of character which comes from the piece. Its not just a great build but also has a heart. Not an easy thing to capture." ~mentions Contest Judge Doktor A.
"Thank you so much for choosing my figure as the winner, I feel so honored.

I would like to give a huge thanks to Andy and Toysrevil for hosting such an amazing contest as well as Doktor A. and Jake for the amazing prizes, it was such an inspiring and cool competition and a great opportunity for me as an artist to create something I enjoy and love and share it with the world. Thank you!!"
~shares Contest Winner Glen Fernandez.
Glen wins a Dapper Edition - Humphrey Mooncalf (generously sponsored by Pobber) and an original drawing ("Steam Punk") by Doktor A! And much thanks to everyone who had participated in this contest! Next up? The PUBLIC VOTE cycle!


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