New Ultraman To Debut In Hero's Magazine Issue #1


From Gideon Buroguブログ comes news and images of a 'new' ULTRAMAN, and I cannot contain my excitement! Sure I love my classic Ultrman, but a mecha-designed suit looks pretty rad from where I'm looking, IMHO! Yes, I now want the TOY, and the animated MOVIE to happen NOW based on what I see here! LOL

The article mentions that the Ultraman will appear in "Hero's Magazine Issue #1 - due for a release in between late November and early December 2011. "The cover features manga that will be written based on the long lasting Tokusatsu series by Tsuburaya, the ever famous Gigantic Hero, ULTRAMAN. Alongside the Ultraman manga, 7 other new manga will also be published in the magazine."

"The Ultraman manga will be set into a much darker tone of the original storyline and is drawn in a "seinen" manga art style. The manga will be drawn by Eiichi Shimizu and Tomohiro Shimoguchi, who are both famous for their work, "Linebarrel of Iron". The manga take place decades after the event of original Ultraman." ~blogged Gideon Burogu (Check out the stories synopsis here).
"…well I'm old school so while the design is neat it is not for me :- p I'm still a man in rubber suit type of guy haha!" ~answer from Mark Nagata (famed Ultraman Toys-enthusiast) when I asked him about the new design.
What do YOU think of the new developments? :)

Posted here are more images culled from Hero Magazine's dedicated webpage. Here's praying someone translates them into English eventually. Hell, could anyone score me a copy or two of the magazine in the first place? PLEASE?
ヒーロー不在の時代に、伝説のヒーローの血を継ぐ者が現われた。早田進次郎。初代ウルトラマンであったハヤタシンの息子である彼は、人とは違う、特別な「力」を持っていた。敵は人間か、異星人か、己自身か… ヒーローとなるべくして生まれた少年は、本物のヒーローになれるのか?


G said…
Never been a big fan of Ultraman until I saw this. I mean I used to watch an episode here and there and I've actually been to Ultraman Land in Japan.

But new mecha-suit Ultraman Begins looks awesome. I like the mecha designs from Linebarrel and the images so far look really interesting. Kinda Iron Man X Dead Space.

And is that a pic of what Ultraman looks like under the mask? He looks kinda old. But that might be a really interesting premise if it's like an old guy (Ultraman) vs all these young punks (monsters / gaiju).