A preview of Altered Cards and Sketch Cards from Suckpax 3

SUCKPAX 3 Loose packs

We've not had much information of the participating artists of SUCKPAX Series 3 [which we reviewed HERE] until now, where we get to see a slew of images of the chase inserts - including "Altered Cards" and hand-drawn "Sketch Cards" - check them out in the slideshow below, or go straight to the Suck-Flickr for individual listings, and head-on up to the Suck-Shop to procure yours for US$120 per full-box!

SUCKPAX ALTERED CARDS: Defaced vintage Trading cards by Jason Atomic, Collin David, Think Item, J*Ryu, Monsterforge, Matty BoomBatty, Nick the Ring, and Tone Tank.

Sucklord Sketch Cards

SUCKLORD SKETCH CARDS: Crappy one-off cards by the Sucklord HImself. One comes in every box.

WARNING: Some Images Below Are NSFW

SKETCH-CARDS: Hand-done one-of-a-kind Sketch Cards by Angry Woebots, Uncle Dave, J*Ryu, Jeremiah Ketner, Nick The RIng, Tews1, Think Item, Nick Gazin, Scott Tolleson, Maxwell James, Matty BoomBatty, Weird Luke (Aka Fuzzy), Jason Atomic, Billy Roids, Collin David, Jefftallica and Len Bellinger (with '2011: A Suckadelic Odyssey').